First launched in 2013, Chanel’s aptly named Le Lift range uses plant extracts that work to stimulate skin’s youth proteins, boosting the density of your epidermis (the top layer of skin) as well as the resilience of the dermis (skin’s inner layer), to give you a plumper, more supple complexion. Today, they are expanding the popular anti-ageing line with three new products: a lotion, eye concentrate and massage mask. We tried them all – you can thank us later.

Chanel Le Lift Concentre Yeux
Chanel Le Lift Concentre Yeux ($148)

Great for women who prefer their eye care to be lighter, the Le Lift Concentre Yeux has a refreshing gel texture that melts into a soft emulsion upon application, and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. It left our eye area feeling hydrated and even helped to soften fine lines. The bags under our peepers seemed less puffy after using it for a few weeks, but we didn’t see any noticeable improvement vis-a-vis our dark circles.

Chanel Le Lift Lotion
Chanel Le Lift Lotion ($116)

A good lotion should leave skin feeling fresh yet moist; this one performs the latter better than the former. Used after cleansing, this balancing lotion has a watery- gel-like consistency that immediately leaves complexion feeling hydrated and plump. It also has skin refining benefits so face feels smoother and looks brighter.

Chanel Le Lift Masque de Massage
Chanel Le Lift Masque de Massage ($116)

Probably our favourite of the trio, this facial contouring mask softens both skin and wrinkles after just one try. To be used in the evening on a clean face, apply the rich cream on the middle of your face before spreading it outwards with massaging motions. After just 10 minutes, fines lines and sagging appeared less obvious and our face looked well rested. Another plus: its soothing neroli scent that made us feel like we were in a spa.

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