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The therapist first gently shaves off any strands of hair around the bikini area, after which a cold gel is applied to skin. She starts the treatment proper using the Strip Powerpac machine, which releases Intense Pulse Light (IPL) through a handheld applicator when pressed against skin. The IPL uses broad spectrum light to heat up and thus weaken hair follicles to cause the strands to drop, as well as slow down future growth. What sets this machine apart from others is that instead of using the usual sharp bursts of light, which can be painful or potential cause burns, this version uses a gradual heating system that slowly builds up to the desired energy level. After the handheld applicator has been applied to the entire treatment area, a soothing and cooling moisturiser is applied. The entire process takes about 50 minutes.

The Verdict

I’ve tried many different IPLs over the years and this is hands down the most pain-free one. There was no heat or slight stinging sensation that is commonly associated with it, and only discomfort (if I could even call it that) was from the cold gel. Another plus, even after a month I have yet to experience any regrowth of hair. $642, Strip Buddy (#05-04 Wheelock Place), tel: 6734-0040

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