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The key ingredient throughout the 90-minute-long Neem Healing Body Envelopment treatment is neem plant extract, which is rich in antioxidants and known for its healing properties. It begins with a back massage using neem and triphala oil (the latter reportedly prevents blemishes), followed by a gentle exfoliating scrub containing neem and date seed. A detoxifying wrap comes next. The therapist slathers a thick paste of green tea mud, neem and triphala all over my body, before covering me in paper and plastic sheets as well as a thermal blanket (all meant to boost the skin-purifying effects of the paste), which lasts for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, I get a soothing face and scalp massage: The therapist stimulates pressure points at the temples, nose bridge and middle of the forehead to improve circulation. After a quick shower, a moisturising neem- and orange-scented lotion is applied all over my body.

The verdict: If you feel stressed and tired, this is a must. It’s one of the most relaxing treatments I’ve tried. My skin feels smoother and more moisturised, while my shoulders and jaw are less tense. $240, So Spa, The Singapore Resort & Spa Sentosa (tel: 6708-8358)

An adapted version first appeared in 
Female’s October issue.

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