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Ever felt like your hair masks or leave-in hair serums weren’t adequately fighting the frizz? I’ve definitely had times where I thought attaining shiny, lustrous locks was a distant hope. Thankfully, along came the chance to try Shu Uemura’s nourishing hair treatment – and I’m happy to report that my tresses have stayed soft and smooth for the past week, and don’t show any signs of relenting.

The process

The 45-minute treatment begins with a relaxing wash and head massage, and follows with the stylist examining my locks and customising a blend of Shu Uemura hair products – a repairing serum for damaged hair; a serum with vitamin E and gardenia oil to boost moisture; and a hair mask that helps smoothen hair. The mixture is combed carefully through my entire hair lengths, after which my hair is placed under a steamer for 10 minutes to open up hair cuticles and allow the products to work their magic. It ends with another hair wash and blowdry.

The verdict

The results are immediate: My messy, frizzy locks have become a lot softer and lighter, and are enveloped in a subtle floral scent. With shoulder-length hair, my ends tend to curl up in an unsightly manner, but post-treatment, the problem, well, isn’t a problem anymore. My hair is tamer and more manageable, and I can run my fingers through my hair without encountering any tangled knots or split ends (oh joy!). Here’s to having a good hair day everyday. $220-$250 (depending on hair length), #03-19 Ion Orchard Next Salon, tel: 6509-0330


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