Codice DB: 2241490

The treatment

After a quick double cleanse, a lotion that helps soften surface dead skin cells is applied onto my face. The next step is a five-minute exfoliation using an ultrasound machine that gets rid of comedones, followed by a thorough extraction to remove stubborn blackheads. The therapist then uses the Theraclear machine, which emits concentrated Intense Pulsed Light, over my entire face for about 10 minutes to help destroy acne-causing bacteria. To end, a cooling sheet mask with oleanolic acid and aloe leaf juice is left on for about 10 minutes to minimise inflammation and redness, and control excess sebum production.

The verdict

Even though the ultrasound and IPL machines were slightly uncomfortable, and the extraction quite painful, my skin looked clearer and felt cleaner. My nose became free of blackheads, and the few pimples I had on my skin disappeared after a day. I would recommend this to anyone with breakouts or acne problems. $250, IDS Clinic (#05-07/10 Novena Specialist Center), tel: 6568-3555 


An adapted version first appeared in Female’s January issue. 

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