oxygen facial

How It Works

The benefits of an oxygen facial are pretty obvious: Skin looks healthier and less dull. Local dermatologist Dr Haach‘s Advanced Oxy Sync Facial Treatment uses a medical-grade machine that reportedly boosts oxygen deep within the dermis layer of skin. How it does so: The interaction between the machine probe’s tip and the gel releases carbon dioxide on skin surface, which signals to skin that more oxygen is needed at these particular areas. Two types of gel formulas specially made for use with this machine – one brightens, while the other is anti-ageing – are available.

The Procedure

Once face is cleansed, the therapist applies the selected gel – I pick the brightening formula, which has kojic acid and retinol for their lightening and anti-oxidant properties respectively – and uses a hand-held probe with a rounded tip to exfoliate skin. Five minutes later, the exfoliating tip is removed and a softer tip is fitted onto the probe, and the gel is massaged into skin with firm strokes, focusing on areas of concern like cheeks and nose for six to eight minutes. Thereafter, I receive a firming facial massage (the probe here uses radio frequency waves, and this step comes at an additional cost of $108) that lasts for 10 minutes. The 75-minute facial ends with a soothing double layer mask left on face for 15 minutes to boost skin’s hydration levels.


While the process is rather uncomfortable – the massages give skin a prickly sensation and makes my face feel extremely warm – the results are visible immediately: My skin appears two shades lighter and the dark circles under my eyes look less pronounced. Skin also feels bouncier to the touch. $288, Dr Haach (#04-09 Novena Specialist Centre, tel: 6334-7884). 


Main photo: Showbit.com

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