A young Christian Dior lived in a postcard-perfect pink house overlooking the sea in Granville, France. Growing on the cliffs next to this idyllic villa was a wild rose that thrived despite the windy climate – and thus sparked Dior beauty’s idea to recreate the flower, and harness its resilience and regenerative abilities for skincare.

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The bloom, duly dubbed Rose de Granville, lies at the heart of several of the brand’s most luxurious products; the most famous of which is an anti-ageing concentrate so effective, it’s said that a bottle is sold every minute. launched in stores recently, the Micro-Huille de Rose Advanced Serum is its latest – and reportedly most powerful – iteration.


Micro-Huille de Rose advanced serum (50ml), $490

Now boosted with – for the first time – the sap of Rose de Granville, which has 22 micro nutrients and more molecules than the flower itself, the silky formula is touted to repair the signs of ageing more deeply and quickly. within a week, skin is said to be firmer and smoother. Over time, lines look less visible, while contours return.

How’s that for an adult fairy tale?