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7 Skincare Products That Instantly Brighten Your Complexion

It’s not just makeup that gives you immediate results. These fast-working serums, moisturisers and treatments all help to boost skin radiance without the usual 28 day wait. By Moh Shuying.

#1: Diorsnow Bloom Perfect Brightening Perfect Skin Creator SPF 35 PA+++, $150
This has reflective particles that immediately enhances skin’s natural rosiness while boosting radiance. It also has edelweiss extract that supposedly works on preventing the formation of dark spots, as well as lightening the pigment deposits and preventing existing spots from getting larger. #2: For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Lumi's Key Bio-Cellulose Mask, $63 for box of three, Sephora
This is said to prevent cell membranes from detecting UV rays, thus blocking melanin formation and pigmentation, while brightening skin at the same time. It also calms inflammation and irritation to keep your complexion clear and even toned. After just one use, skin looks fairer and more translucent. #3: Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque, $49
This facial mask is infused with crushed cranberry seeds within the formula to gently exfoliate skin to give you a smoother, brighter and illuminated complexion. It also has turmeric extract, a strong antioxidant known for its antiseptic, healing and sebum balancing properties, helps to nourish dull, lacklustre complexions. #4: SK-II Genoptics Aura Essence, $199
This has prunus extract and inositol to target not just visible dark spots, but hidden ones that haven’t emerged yet. These underlying areas of sun-damaged skin might not be apparent, but can contribute to the appearance of “cloudy” skin that lacks radiance. By supposedly mitigating the effects of UV exposure and melanin formation before they surface and increasing the clarity of skin cells, consistent usage promises a crystal clear and glowing complexion. However, you’ll be able to notice that skin appears more luminuous after one application. #5: La Prairie Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, $860
The lightweight moisturiser has a collagen-boosting golden peptide that helps to improve skin quality and smooth out fine lines for better light reflection. A mix of pure gold and golden photo-reflecting agents help to diffuse light, blur out imperfections and bathe skin with a flattering light that mimics the ‘Golden Hour’ effect which photographers claim softens imperfections and gives skin a soft glow. #6: Ren Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, $74, Escentials
This treatment revitalises and rejuvenates skin in just one minute. Formulated with Vitamin C, it neutralises greyness and reduces signs of fatigue, photo-ageing and skin imperfections to boost skin radiance and even out skin tone. It also has energising magnesium to for a healthier, fresher looking complexion. #7: Laneige White Plus Renew Original Essence EX, $80
This supposedly helps to activate cells’ natural self-purification process to induce the self-degradation of melanin and leaves the complexion more even toned after just two weeks. However, it’s ultra-hydrating formula means that skin looks dewy, plumper and brighter almost instantly.   Like this? These hydrating exfoliators give you softer, smoother skin.