It gets frustrating when you’re religious about your skincare, load up on serums that’s supposed to benefit your skin, and yet you don’t have the complexion you desire. We know it’s a downer, but unfortunately, even with a wealth of knowledge, skin and skincare can be a very complex thing and you’d need a doctor to help you figure it out.

Dr Rachel Ho, an aesthetic doctor at La Clinic in Paragon Medical Centre is in her profession because, according to her, “ the idea of having healthy skin and skin that you can be proud of is something that I’ve always believed in and this field allows me to help my patients achieve this goal.”

Dr Rachel Ho

Dr Ho, whose most popular treatments at the moment are Rejuran Healer, nose threadlift and Q-switch laser, has a way of making her patients feel at ease. Here are things Dr Rachel Ho reckons you should stop doing to achieve your healthiest skin yet.


#1: Not caring about sunscreen

“One of the dermatological trends that I’m very glad caught on in the recent years is sunscreen becoming a staple in the skincare routine of most people,” Dr Rachel Ho writes in her very informative blog. Sun exposure and sun damage is the biggest culprit when it comes to ageing, pigmentation and skin cancer. You may be stuck in an office cubicle for most of the day but walking to and from work, going out for lunch and even sitting by a window means you’ll be exposed to the sun. She adds, “Use a broad spectrum sunscreen and always apply an even layer across your face.  Relying on makeup with sun protection alone is inadequate because most people don’t apply an adequate amount to enjoy the sun protection coverage.”


#2: Using too many skincare products

Yes, it’s heaps of fun trying skincare products but that can also be of detriment to your skin. Dr Rachel Ho says, “I’ve seen patients with comedones (clogged pores) and dermatitis because some skincare products can cause skin irritation when used together (e.g. too much acids). Also, the ingredients may inactivate each other.”


#3: Over-exfoliating

Too much of something is never a good thing and Dr Ho explains that over-exfoliation causes “skin peeling, flaking, sensitivity and redness!” Tone down the harsh sloughing on your skin — it’s more sensitive than you realise!