The Treatment

The entire threadlift procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes and first begins with a detailed consultation with the doctor on some of your concerns regarding the shape of your nose and which specific area you wish to target. Personally, I wanted to achieve a higher and more pointed tip as I had already previously done fillers to help my nose bridge appear higher (according to my doctor, it is safe to do this even after you have had fillers done ). After the discussion, my doctor proceeds to inject the local anesthesia about three to four times — twice on the tip and once/twice on the bridge. As the tip of the nose is quite sensitive, I did tear up a little. Once done, he then proceeds to inject the polydioxanone (PDO) three-dimensionally designed threads into my nose. He used a few shorter and longer threads (the former for a more prominent tip and the latter for a higher nose bridge) for my nose, with the results reportedly lasting for one and a half years.

The Verdict

I feel that the procedure was quite painful but still rather bearable. As no numbing cream was applied, I could feel the first few threads being injected and it was quite uncomfortable. However, once the local anesthesia kicks in, minimal pain was felt. I experienced about three to four days of swell (my nose looked quite “fat”) and it did ache a little. After a week, the swelling went down and I noticed that my nose appeared a lot sharper, prominent and higher. Contouring my nose now is such a breeze now and I really love how natural-looking the end result is. $650,  The Wellness Clinic 501 Orchard Road (#04-01 Wheelock Place), tel: 6732-0812

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