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Everything You Need To Know About Korean Beauty

From the most popular skincare items to the age they actually start putting on makeup, we talk to three Korean beauty experts (Hera brand managers Youjin Choi and Seunghee Lee, as well as the beauty brand's chief makeup artist Jason Lee) on what's trending and what beauty really means in South Korea.

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It’s all about a flawless complexion

Seunghee Lee (SL): “The hottest makeup look right now is a semi-matte base as many are now more into having a flawless complexion. A base product that gives perfect coverage but is still very natural is something they tend to look out for, which is why they prefer a semi-matte cushion compact as it does both jobs.”

The most popular makeup items they are currently loving

SL: “Eyebrow makeup of any sort – think pencils and gels – are really popular now as Korean women want to place more emphasis on their eye area. The other product would be a concealer. The younger generation is very diligent with their skincare regimes, which is why many of them have really good complexions. Thus, they usually only apply a concealer as their base makeup because their skin is already fair and just need minor corrections. Semi-matte cushion compacts are also pretty popular and lastly, matte lipsticks. Particularly, red coloured matte lippies.”