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You Won't Need Makeup To Contour Your Face With These Beauty Tools

Beat that face.

Aside from Kim Kardashian and Youtubers who actually have time to contour
their faces to chiseled perfection, nobody else does. Short of surgery, there aren’t
many other ways to achieve similar illusions of a seriously sculpted face — until

These new slew of beauty devices help contour, lift and tighten faces to
mimic the baby-face results from an in-office treatment.


Refa Carat Face Massager, $280

Don’t get confused — this isn’t a sex toy. This Japanese face lymphatic massage
tool has been designed to imitate an esthetician’s fingertip movements across
the face, using microcurrent and manual manipulations to rejuvenate and firm


NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer, $465

You can actually see the difference in your face within a single use of this device.
Obviously an easy favourite amongst the Tinseltown crowd, the tool sends
microcurrent energy deep into the skin to promote a younger-looking
appearance along the jowls, jawline, cheeks and forehead.


Foreo Iris Eye Massager, $149

Diminish your crow’s feet with a massager specifically designed for the eyes. The
device has two modes, gentle pulsations and tapping, each helping to prevent
signs of aging around the eyes. Apply your eye cream or serum and use this
product after for increased product absorption.