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The Beauty Treatments That'll Get You Ready For The Party Season

Not with Pink (what were you thinking?), but the latest needle-free aesthetic treatments that get you ready for that dance floor Instastory in just one session.

party seasonDNA Cell Booster

For: That “QQ” bouncy skin that all K-beauty fanatics love (and less obvious lines).

How: A needleless electroporation infusion device (which emits wave pulses to stimulate the absorption of active ingredients) is used to deliver a blend of peptides to the deeper layers of the skin, and boost cell renewal for a more youthful-looking appearance. To improve hydration and for an immediate plumping effect, a mask containing hyaluronic acid and botanical stem cells is added. The session ($450, 20 mins) is also gentle enough to be done after other non-invasive treatments (chemical peels or laser rejuvenation) to reduce downtime for the latter procedures.

Try it at: South Bridge Aesthetics, 277 South Bridge Road

IDS Hydro Therapeutics Treatment

For: Clearer pores and a brighter glow that’s visible even under bad, tacky club lighting.

How: A power-packed five-step treatment ($478, 60 mins) that starts with a deep cleanse using a powerful water jet stream (that feels surprisingly relaxing) to dislodge dirt embedded in the skin. Then, an ultrasonic cleansing device (think medical grade Clarisonic) is employed to tackle the more stubborn spots. A brightening vitamin C essence is then applied via iontophoresis (a process where a mild, painless electrical current is used to increase absorption). To soothe, a mask that’s chosen to suit your skin concerns is applied over the entire face. Finally, radiofrequency currents are applied to stimulate collagen production and improve overall circulation.

Try it at: IDS Clinic, #05-07 Novena Specialist Center

VShape Facetherapy

For: That defined V-shaped face and jawline that contouring palettes try so hard to emulate. 

How: This no-fuss treatment ($500, 90 mins) combines ultrasonic shear waves with radiofrequency waves. The aim? To lift and tighten skin around the jowls and neck to help break down fat deposits, and slim this specific area of the face.

Try it at: Prive Clinic, #03-03 Palais Renaissance

Photo: Everett Collection

This story first appeared in Female’s 2017 December issue. 

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