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These Beauty Tutorials Will School You On How To Highlight And Contour Asian Faces

If you're looking for make up hacks that'll have you snatched, check out these beauty tutorials on how to highlight and contour asian features.

2. Banila Co

All right, this may be a video made by a beauty brand (Banila Co), but it shows you exactly how to get a 3-D dewy look that the Koreans covet with highlight and contour. We like how the makeup artist leaves the “streaks” from the contouring and highlighting sticks on so you can see exactly where to put it before he blends it out on one side and lets the model do it herself on the other, to show how easy the process is. Plus, one great tip we gleaned from the video is that you can use a brush and dab a little cushion foundation on it before blending out the lines to make the look super natural, as it doesn’t leave any harsh lines.