We totally get that sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it, so refresh your senses and get smoother skin while you’re at it with these pampering body-care products. We suggest you keep them handy at your work desk for an instant lift.

Orbis Rechercher Body Refrebility Gel ($35)


The little white balls you see floating within the yellow bottle are capsules containing vitamins C and E to hydrate skin that’s dry or has been damaged by sun exposure. They break upon being pumped out onto your skin and gradually disappear as they blend with the watery gel. Because the product feels so cooling on the skin and smells lemony, it may just make you feel more alert and help you carry on with your day.

Orbis Rechercher Fresh Hand Cream ($16)


Not only does the key ingredient of this salve – baobab leaf extract (the baobab tree is known to survive harsh and dry environments) – help to keep hands moisturised, the citrusy scent of the lightweight cream is also super addictive. You’ll want to slather it onto your hands over and over again.

Orbis Foot Cream Refresh ($20)


Place the massage head against your legs or feet, and press down to release a fine botanical-based hydrating mist that provides an instant cooling sensation to soothe sore muscles. There’s no need to use the massage head to knead your skin because the pressure of the knobs is said to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, which purportedly minimises swelling. We’ve also got tips here to make your feet look good.

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