Being a beauty journalist has its perks. The most obvious one? We get to test out a ton of new makeup and skincare products even before it launches in stores. I love experimenting with my makeup and trust me, I tend to have on a lot more than the average jane.

My normal routine consists of a base makeup of choice (it could range from full coverage foundations to mattifying cushion compacts), contour, blusher, highlighter, filling in my eyebrows, eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, mascara, and of course, my go-to dark coloured (I like deep reds and burgundy) lipstick. I always thought this was pretty normal but my colleagues tell me otherwise.

I love putting on heavy makeup as it gives me confidence, hides my flaws and makes me feel better about myself. I thought I would be someone who could not go a day bare-faced till now. It was not part of my new year’s resolution to wear less makeup but as days passed, I find myself gravitating to lightweight, lighter coverage base products instead of my usual heavy-duty foundations and even prefer dewy finishes (I was never a fan of stick highlighters till now). I also find myself skipping out on applying eyeshadow and going back to basics: tight lining my eyes, wing it out a little with a pencil and applying mascara (cat-eyes, be gone).

But what really surprised me was when I actually enjoyed using nude coloured lippies. I have always worn red since I was 16 as I felt that it completed my look and it also brightened my overall complexion. However, I have been more inclined towards nude shades these days as I find them super wearable, fuss-free and versatile. Plus, the natural look is really growing on me.

And since I have been using lesser makeup, I have been applying and switching up my skincare routine to be one that is a lot more effective to keep breakouts at bay, and to achieve a radiant and flawless complexion.

I have been learning how to wear less makeup — enough to bring out my features while minimising the appearance of flaws — and accept my imperfections. A more natural makeup look makes me look younger and fresher, and it’s something I’ve been loving recently.

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