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Love The Beautyblender? Here's What You Didn't Know You Could Do With It

The Beautyblender sponge was first launched in 2007 but only rose to popularity a few years back. Now, it's pretty safe to say that the humble tool has one way or another revolutionised the way we apply makeup. But if you're one who still uses the sponge without wetting it, it's time to equip yourself with the right facts and information to benefit the most out of your Beautyblender sponge. Ahead, five other facts according to founder Rea Ann Silva you never knew about this life-changing product.

#1: It is not a regular sponge

There are tons of makeup sponges and applicators in the market but what makes the Beautyblender sponge different is its exclusive material, “which is designed to be used wet to deliver natural results while using a minimal amount product,” shares Silva. It is also aqua-activated (reportedly the first in the world) so it has to be used when either wet or damp (it expands to about twice its size and feels extremely soft). She adds that its shape is designed to perfectly apply and blend product anywhere on the face and is also reusable (the team recommends a three-month shelf life with proper care).


Beautyblender Original, $32

#2: It can even be used to apply skincare products

Yes, it’s not just exclusively for makeup and is supposedly “cleaner and more sanitary than using your fingers”. She adds that it also uses less amount of product and ensures better, more thorough application especially around harder-to-reach areas like the eyes.


Beautyblender Sapphire, $32. Now available at all Sephora stores

#3: It has no lines of demarcation

What this basically means is that it is edgeless, allowing makeup to blend perfectly over every contour of the face and mimic an air-brushed effect.

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