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The Bespoke Beauty Brands To Get Your Best Face On

From fun quizzes to consultations, bespoke beauty will have the best skincare regime tailored just for you

Bespoke beauty isn’t game-changing. For years now, numerous skincare lines have been cocktailing serums and ingredients to create what they tout to be miraculous skin saviours. While marketing gimmicks works for a while, consumers wisened up when they are kept in the dark about the percentage of actives in said-products and the so-called glowing skin is only thanks to fillers, and not actives, they tend to move on to other products. 

While in Savile Row, bespoke means literally made from scratch, bespoke beauty usually refers to skincare that has been curated just for you, instead of having to go through a guessing game while you’re in Sephora. In 2019, we welcomed a new generation of bespoke skincare products that feature fun online quizzes, intuitive mobile apps and even one-on-one consultations. Here are ones you should take note of and try!

Image:   Based in Singapore and made in Switzerland, Yours is a clean, cruelty-free, and environmentally-sustainable skincare that takes the guesswork out of your skincare. Perfect for those who don’t want to stress about the ingredients that they’re using on their face, or absolutely clueless about where to start for a comprehensive skincare routine, Yours makes it easy through an online assessment and uploading a selfie. What makes them stand out is their transparency about their supply chain and we’re not going to deny it — we’re suckers for their packaging. Shelfie, anyone?     The Buff Customized Oil
Image: Instagram (@itsthebuff)    Thirsty isn’t pretty — good thing there’s face oils for that and we’re head over heels in love with The Buff’s Customized Oil. You can customise a face or body oil, and from a quick quiz, the brand draws from a library of over 100 natural oils including jojoba oil, rosehip oil, maracuja oil, frankincense essential oil, geranium essential oil, and blue tansy essential oil to concoct one for you. The custom typography branding is a cherry on top, of course. Clinique iD Customised Moisturiser
Image: Instagram (@cliniquesg)    Create your own custom moisturiser by picking from three base formulas: the iconic Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Oil-Control Gel, and Hydrating Jelly, and five ultra colourful cartridges which address different concerns like fine lines, texture and fatigued skin. No parabens, no phthalates, no fragrance — we like. alche{me}
Image: Instagram (@alchemeskincare)    Using facial recognition technology to customise serums and emulsions to suit your skincare needs, you start the journey by going through a digital consultation where you upload selfies which will go through an algorithm created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It assesses various criteria including size and number of wrinkles, dark spots, pores, and compare your results to your relevant peer group. An expert from the brand will get in touch to finalise the results before your products are made in a Singapore-based lab.