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Cutting Down On Your Plastic Waste? Here Are The Bar Soaps We Swear By

Pass the bar (soap).

Remember the last time you picked up a bar soap? No? We thought so. Since the world is moving into more sustainable practices, bar soaps, without extra plastic packaging that liquid washes typically come in, are obviously celebrated. That, and of course, rubbing soap on your skin, especially if it’s texture feels really good.

Don’t believe us? Try those above.


Drunk Elephant’s Pekee Bar & Juju Bar
Yes, the brand is known for their amazing chemical exfoliants but you probably haven’t tried their cleansing bars have you? Combine the cleansing effects of the Pekee Bar, with the gentle exfoliating action of the Juju Bar and you’ll be in perfection complexion heaven. Image: Instagram (@drunkelephant) Fresh Seaberry Exfoliating Soap
Seabuckthorn oil, an antioxidant that’s rich in omega 3 and 6, is the hero ingredient in this soap for your body, but it’s also complemented by heavyweights like shea butter, naturally exfoliating cranberry and bamboo particles and an infusion of orange peel. You’ll be smelling like a delicious snack.   Diptyque Do Son Perfumed So
Anybody who likes a soft feminine scent will love Diptyque’s Do Son Perfumed Soap. It combines notes of almond oil and tuberose flower, perfectly balancing sweet and delicate spice.   Herbivore Botanicals Blue Clay — Balancing Cleanse Clay Soap Bar
Take on clogged pores and thirsty skin with this bar soap that promises a clear, radiant complexion. Using Cambrian blue clay to removes gunk from your pores, while lavender soothes your skin, this super handy soap can also be used on the body and as a shaving bar.   Gallinee Cleansing Bar
Chic, functional, and unfussy, the Gallinee Cleansing Bar is loaded with prebiotics and lactic acid whilst nurturing the good bacteria on your skin with a gentle, solid syndet. It even had a waitlist when it was launched. Image: Instagram (@gallineeireland) Shibusa Atelier
For a brand closer to home, try Shibusa Atelier’s handmade soaps that have also been shaped to look almost too stunning to use, like this moon soap. Made with essential oils and skin-healing ingredients, get in touch with them on Instagram to purchase. Image: Instagram (@shibusa.atelier)