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5 Beauty Game-Changers That'll Make You Rethink Your Go-To Brand

There are cult beauty brands, and then there are the ones that just sweep you off your Converse Chucks. We love these brands for what they stand for — ranging cruelty-free to supporting women —  and also their products that go beyond the extra mile, making us feel so damn good. 

The cruelty-free advocate: Panacea
Korean-made brand Panacea line of cruelty-free products stand out not just because it’s simple and straightforward, they’ve also made their products and marketing gender neutral, because rightfully, both men and women can use the same moisturiser, cleanser or sunscreen. The fact that it’s super affordable helps too. The feminist: Senteurs d'Orient
Beautifully handcrafted soaps and oils inspired by the bathing rituals of the Middle East, Senteurs d’Orient makes you want to chuck your shower gel and go back to good ol’ bar soap. Plus, not only is the brand committed to hiring women in every role throughout the company, they also launched a program, Senteurs Women Initiatives, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme to empower and educate Women in Lebanon. Image: Instagram (@senteursdorient) The au natural label: Farmacy Beauty
For a natural skincare brand, Farmacy Beauty packs quite the punch. They pioneered the farm-to-face revolution, cultivate and harvest their own skincare ingredients and they’re super potent. Try their Honey Potion Hydrating Mask if you’re looking for something to fall in love with because you’ll keep coming back. Image: Instagram (@farmacybeauty) The inclusive one: Renee Rouleau Skin Care
Don’t grimace just because she’s a celebrity esthetician — Renee Rouleau Skin Care also has a cult following beyond the Sofia Vergaras of the world. Her products have been formulated for nine different types of skin so your face will get exactly what it needs to look and feel its best. Start by trying the brand’s quiz here. Image: Instagram (@reneerouleauskincare) The simple but mighty: Trilogy Natural Skincare
While Trilogy’s products, at first glance, may not seem like it will blow your mind, nor does it seem any different from any other beauty brand, the efficacy of the products makes it worth your time and dineros. Their antioxidant Rosehip Oil is a gamechanger — mix a few drops in your regular moisturiser and you’ll wake up with soft, supple skin. Image: Instagram (@trilogyproducts)