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A serum is one of the most effective skincare products

“If you have a certain skin concern and you want to combat that, then applying a serum that helps treat it is the best way to improve your skin condition. A serum is one of the most effective methods for results on skin. ” — Youjin Choi, makeup artist at Hera

Prevention is definitely better than cure

“Using a good sunblock that protects skin from the harmful effects of UVA (photoageing and wrinkles) and UVB (sunburn and cancers) rays is crucial to achieving good skin. Regular skin rejuvenating treatments using laser and light devices are excellent ways to ensure collagen production stays active. More patients are also open to doing botox as an anti-ageing measure rather than a solution after they have started to notice wrinkles on their faces.” — Dr. Melvin Tan, founder of Epion Clinic

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When it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect

“It’s really important to practice when it comes to makeup. When you get home after a long day, you can try creating different looks before removing your makeup. It’s important to play with a variety of colours and products with different textures, and change up your eye makeup look from time to time.” — Pony, makeup artist and brand ambassador (Shiseido)

It’s not too early to use eye cream

“It is important to use eye cream even when you are young. Many people do not realise this but the skin around our eyes do not have any oil glands, so that’s one place we must hydrate. It is a myth that eye creams cause oilseeds, which is why many people do not use it. You must always hydrate it as that’s the best defence you have against ageing as a lot of the ageing around the eye area are non-reversible. You can use strong lasers on your face, but not around the eyes. If you don’t start younger, then a lot of the problems around the eyes are very difficult to be treated non-invasively.” — Dr. Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic

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Be mindful to not over-cleanse

“You need to incorporate different technologies into your skincare routine. So it’s not just about just having vitamin C or retinol —you need to use a variety to really fight signs of ageing, acne, dullness or whatever it might be that you are looking out for. I am a big believer in acids and chemical exfoliation, and that’s important to allow other products sink in deeper. I also believe that people over-cleanse their skin. It is crucial to clean your skin but if you use cleansers that are too aggressive and drying, you actually can destroy the skin’s natural moisture barrier and it can create these microcracks, which can cause inflammation. That is also one way the acne bacteria falls deeper into your skin and causes more breakouts. You can spend a thousand dollars on the most amazing treatments, serums and creams but if you cleansed your skin too aggressively, it is very difficult to fight that.” — Sunday Riley, founder of eponymous label

Use SPF, cleanse, exfoliate and repeat

“You need to use SPF on a daily basis. I also think that having a great cleanser and taking off your makeup every night is so important. Exfoliation is really important too.” — Amanda Baldwin, president of Supergoop!

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