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Our Roundup Of Body Makeup That Aren't Kim Kardashian's Body Foundation

No, the celeb isn't the only one who's coming up with body makeup. Here are some products that will deliver on all fronts (and we mean all) that you can find on the market.

When it comes to body makeup, there seem’s to be two opposing camps on whether it should even be a thing. Some may think that it’s making us take a few steps back on our journey of loving ourselves for who we are, while others like Kim Kardashian have touted it as the thing which made her feel a little bit better about her skin condition Psoriasis. But between Chrissy Teigen’s behind-the-scenes Instagram post (as seen below) and the launch of Kim Kardashian’s body foundation, (whether you like it or not) body makeup is officially a thing. And to that we honestly say: do what makes you happy. So if you belong to the camp that goes “yay” to body makeup, here’s a crop of some products that you might love.


Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, $65
Available in 21 different shades, this foundation that’s made for the head to the toe allows for an ultra-buildable coverage – regardless whether you like your foundation undetectable or of full coverage. Said to be waterproof and sweat-resistant (even through your workout sessions and underwater), it’s also able to camouflage minor imperfections all over the body while still retaining the skin’s natural glow. Reportedly tried and tested by 100 per cent of Dior professional makeup artists, all of them agree that it offers a fluid texture and second-skin finish. Mac Studio Face and Body Foundation, $35
This one’s a well-loved favourite. It features a blend of moisturising properties that delivers a low-to-medium buildable coverage which settles into a natural, satin finish on the skin. Anastasia Beverly Hills Shimmer Body Oil, $70, Sephora
Formulated with a mix of sweet almond oil and jojoba seed oil – which makes this product moisturising – spray this coconut-vanilla-scented body oil for a silky-soft, pearlescent golden glow on the skin. Charlotte Tilburry Supermodel Body, US$65 (S$89),
Having been used on the runways and red carpets by celebs like Kim Kardashian (she’s clearly a big fan of body makeup), this body lotion from Charlotte Tilbury is said to be like shapewear lingerie for the skin. It doesn’t only give your body a sun-kissed glow that’s worthy of Gisele Bundchen, it also firms the limbs when you wear it – making them appear leaner and longer. How? It has cooling, circulation-stimulating menthol and wild shitake extract that protects collagen fibres for supple skin. Even the way you apply the lotion – via a metal rollerball applicator – helps with lymphatic drainage. Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder, $46, Sephora
A multi-functional pearly luminous powder that can be applied from your eyes to the cheeks, the lips or all over your body for a shimmering glow. The powder particles are ultra-fine and delicate, so they won’t be feeling uncomfortable on your skin. Artis Next Generation Elite Mirror Oval 10 Brush, US$86 (S$118),
Said to be packed with over 250,000 velvet-soft fibre filaments that make it easy to blend everything from makeup to skincare. To top it off, the brush has textured grip pads that allow for better control handle and a tactfully-chosen metal alloy for added strength and flexibility. Use this brush to blend anything over your body – from liquid-form skincare, foundations and even powders. Frank Body Illuminator, $25, Sephora
Basically your answer to an all-over-the-body glow, from your face to your cheekbones to your cupid’s bows, brows and nose. Or if you need more glow in your daily moisturiser, mix it in there for more pearlescent strobing shine.