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It’s a widely known fact that you need to keep your skin clean and free of makeup, dirt and oil every single day. But a simple cleanser won’t be able to give you the thorough cleanse you need; impurities could still clog your pores, causing them to appear more noticeable. So what’s one of the best ways to truly keep your face clear of uninvited pore-clogging gunk? You’ll need a facial cleansing brush. Dozens of models vibrate, spin and swirl to exfoliate your face, leaving you with a smoother, healthier complexion. These super-efficient cleansers can even pull double the duty and work as a full-body buffer – how nifty! But here’s the golden question: are your cleansing brushes really worth their price?

Depending on your skin type and specific needs, sonic brushes can tally up to over $300 and more – and we’re not even counting the brushes, which should be replaced on a regular basis before it gets too icky. With that said, there are some golden standard brushes which have racked up raving reviews — and are, in our opinion, worth the splurge. On the other hand, there’s also plenty of drugstore options which will work wonders on your skin as well. To make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, check out our round-up of the best facial cleansing brushes to snag right now. All at different price points to cater to different budgets, these effective brushes will hopefully leave you with squeaky-clean skin.

Under $50

cleansing brushes

From left: Elf cleansing duo face brush, US$14 (S$19); COC peach pore cleansing brush; $9.70; Shiseido cleansing massage brush, US$25 (S$34)

Can you find a cheaper, more effective brush that’ll erase every trace of dirt and impurity on your face in just a jiffy? Hint: You can’t. This cleansing brush from Elf is mind-blowingly affordable and incredibly useful. It has brush bristles on one side, and a textured silicone pad on the other for exfoliating purposes. The COC Peach Core brush, adorable design aside, has tonnes of good reviews bouncing around the interweb. It’s said to be excellent for deep pore cleansing, leaving your skin feeling as though it has undergone a deep, thorough session of cleansing. Shiseido’s cleansing massage brush is yet another effective cleaning tool that’s gentle on the skin. To add, it has really soft and dense bristles that’ll distribute your cleansing foam evenly such that a little bit goes a long way. It’s not battery operated however, so you’d have to manually gear the brush on your face in circular motions.

$50 – $100

cleansing brushes

From left: BaByliss true glow sonic skincare cleansing system, £60 (S$95); No7 cleansing brush, £25 (S$40); Olay Pro-X cleansing system, $69.90

The BaByliss sonic brush works best for temperamental skin. With two facial heads – one for normal, and one for sensitive skin – and the option of three different speed settings, you’ll be able to customise your cleansing experience according to your skin type (while reaping the benefits of deep cleansing too, of course). No7’s cleansing brush gives a lovely deep clean while exfoliating your skin. It’s said to be effective for combating blackheads and dull looking complexions. Side note: Those with sensitive skin, be warned; this brush has slightly rougher bristles as compared to regular cleansing brushes, so we wouldn’t recommend them for you lest it irritates your skin. The ProX by Olay claims to be able to give your skin a visibly improved texture. With a microdermabrasion foam head and a self-warming thermal crystal polisher, it exfoliates more effectively than your usual scrubs to give you an even skin tone.

Above $100

cleansing brushes

From left: Magnitone Full Monty! Vibra-Sonic brush, $238.13; Clarisonic Smart Profile White, $330; Philips VisaPure Essential, $188

This brush from London-based brand Magnitone has the best value for money with its super-soft bristles and three attachable heads: one for your face, one for your body, and one for buffing our dry skin from your feet. Expect a full-body spa experience with this bad boy – it has been said to be able to brighten up your complexion and leaving it soft and supple. And of course we had to include Clarisonic’s Smart Profile facial cleansing brush. The highly raved-about brush is probably the first cleansing brush which comes to mind when the topic of ‘Best cleansing brushes’ come about anyway.

This vibrationary tool will give you a powerful cleanse at the push of a button, and it even has an amplified turbo boost function (4 speeds) to further intensify your cleansing routine. With smart technology which adjusts power and timing to suit your skin needs, this cleansing brush is – dare we say – revolutionary. We also love the design of the premium-looking brush from Philips; from its sleek holding to the rose gold touches. What sets this brush apart from others is its unique combination of bristle rotation and vibration. The bristles have a vertical pulsating movement which breaks up the surface impurities on your skin (such as dead skin cells or makeup residues) and a rotating movement to gently sweep the impurities away.

Tip: We recommend using the massage setting on the Philips VisaPure Essential brush first thing in the morning for a complexion-invigorating start to your day.

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