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From Natural To OTT: The Best Coachella 2019 Beauty Looks

Stand out from the crowd with these must-do looks for the next music festival.
1. Shoot for the stars
Unless you’re a social media recluse, you’d know Korean makeup artist Pony, or Park Hye-Min. We love how simple yet beautiful this looks; shimmery rose gold eyeshadow, cat-eye liner and a blush pink lippie is all it took for this gorgeous creation. If you don’t have the right face stickers, you can use your lash glue to draw out your desired shape and dust on the glitter. Image: Instagram (@ponysmakeup) 2. A new kind of blue
Korean-American vlogger Jenn Im matches her eyeshadow to her Prussian blue hair. If you want, you can go for stick-on stars that are all the rage at Coachella 2019. If not, the pink and blue eyeshadows are a standout match too. Don’t forget your falsies to add a touch of drama to the look. Keep the rest of your make-up minimal. Image: Instagram (@imjennim) 3. Bring on the braids
What better time to experiment with braids than during a music festival? Try out American Youtuber Weylie Hoang’s intricate braids — we counted three different types: normal, french and fishtail — at your next festival. Tip: keep your makeup simple to let the braids take centrestage, or if you really want to, go easy with the glitter by keeping them small and dotting them above your brow bones and cheekbones. Image: Instagram (@weylie) 4. Dip-dyed hair is back
For those who think that dip-dye hair’s too yesterday, think again. Blogger Sangyay Chen shows that the graduation of the hair colours look great with braids. Her french braid is easily achieved too. Keep it polished by tonging the hair ends to create the beachy waves you see here. Image: Instagram (@itssangtime) 5. Keep it neutral
Here’s yet another braided hairstyle, but this version that Australian influencer Lily Maymac has on is kept tight and neat. Makeup-wise, keep it neutral toned with nude lipstick and eyeshadow to match. Image: Instagram (@lilymaymac) 6. Pin-up girl
Who would have thought that stacking colourful hairpins can be a look too? American fashion influencer Bridget Helene Bahl brings the hairpin trend to Coachella and matches her lipstick shade to her bubblegum pink Chanel backpack in this easy-to-achieve look. Line your eyelids with a kohl pencil and add falsies to complete the look. Image: Instagram (@bridget) 7. Dramatic headdress
Bring on the drama by wearing an elaborate headdress like Thai actress and model Mild (her real name’s Lapassalan Jiravechsoontornkul, in case you’re wondering). And while you’re at it, add on glitter in a C-shaped curve from the top of your cheekbones to just underneath your brow arch. Image: Instagram (@wjmild) 8. A new kind of mask
You can skip the glitter and still look festival-ready — if you have an elaborate face sticker like Instagrammer @nazargoico. By literally framing her eyes with the stickers, she looks like she’s wearing a mask. Keep the brows strong and lippie bold for this look to work. Image: Instagram (@nazargoico) 9. Bun it up
Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine looks fresh-faced with two mini buns and a dewy complexion. Opt for a high-shine lip gloss to complement the natural, glowy look and remember to keep your brow game strong. Image: Instagram (@brunamarquezine) 10. All that glitters
Click all the way to the last picture in this gallery to see how lifestyle influencer Alice De Togni ups her braid game by layering the glitter on. Plus, she doesn’t just part her hair straight, doing it in a zigzag line makes the braids look even more intricate. Image: Instagram (@alicedetogni) 11. Colour party
If you are the type who’s all about going big, go all out with the colours and glitter like influencer-model Celine Lineart and her IG buddy Mary Shay (@marycake). Besides piling on the glitter, make an impression with neon yellow and orange eyeliners. Keep the lips natural with a nude lippie or just lip balm. Image: Instagram (@celinelinarte) 12. Sunkissed, naturally
Or, if you’re a fuss-free type of girl like Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio, skip the falsies and glitter, and all that face sticker. Just coat your lashes with mascara and sweep a bronzer on your lids, over your cheeks, and put on a tinted lip balm to make your puckers look healthy and juicy. You don’t even have to wear foundation or concealer if you don’t want to. Image: Instagram (@sarasampaio) 13. All about the hairband
Pop star Ariana Grande wore a cute hairband with her signature sky-high ponytail to her set on Coachella. The rest of her makeup is kept simple and neutral — just a touch of burnt orange eyeshadow and matte nude lipstick — to make her false lashes and perfect cat-eye liner stand out. Image: Instagram (@arianagrande) 14. More glitter
All of Pony’s makeup looks for Coachella were gorgeous, so we had to round up this list with another post from her. Flawless skin, coral lips and eyeshadow with just a hint of blush is the base for this. Just add rhinestone sticker under the eyes, on the top of your cheekbones and above the brow to make it festival-(and IG-)worthy. Image: Instagram (@ponysmakeup)