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The Best Makeup Colour Correctors For Every Skin Tone

“What’s a colour corrector?” you might ask. Available in the form of makeup bases, primers and – increasingly – sunscreen, these products do what most people try to do using Photoshop: “fix” and even out skin tone with the addition of a tint.

As with the software, though, unless you’re a pro, figuring out the right shade can be tricky, which is where this handy little “colour chart” comes in. With it, you don’t necessarily have to apply the product over the entire face, but can simply use it on targeted areas – easier to grasp than Photoshop.

#1: Pink
Brightens the eye area to mask signs of fatigue. Also boosts radiance and gives skin a nice glow when used over the entire face. Try: Shu Uemura Poreraser CC UV Under Base Mousse SPF35/PA+++ in Pink, $65 #2: Yellow
Counteracts blue and purple tones, making it great for concealing bruises, obvious veins and dark eye circles. Try: Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Radiant Primer, $68, Sephora #3: Blue
For fair skin – it makes complexion look more luminous. Those with darker skin should avoid it as it can appear greyish. Try: Clarins UV Plus Anti-pollution SPF50/PA++++ in Blue, $74 #4: Orange
Best on medium to darker skin tones. Like yellow, it hides dark circles as well as uneven skin tone. Try: M.A.C Prep+Prime CC Colour Correcting SPF30 in Recharge (Apricot), $59 #5: Green
Neutralises redness, and is perfect for concealing patchiness or blotchiness caused by sensitivity, acne scars, zits and even sun burn. Try: Biotherm Blanc Therapy CC Cream Anti-Redness, $62 #6: Lavender
Hides yellow undertones and sallowness. Use this whenever you think your complexion looks pasty or dull. Try: Chanel Le Blanc Light Creator Brightening Makeup Base SPF40/PA+++ in Orchidee, $84 #7: Peach
What those with slightly tanned skin should use in place of yellow-based colour correctors. Try: Lancome La Base Pro Color Corrector SPF9/PA++ in #03 Coral, $68 An adapted version of this appeared in Female‘s June 2016 issue. Like this? Check out 15 ultra-light liquid foundations perfect for our humid weather.