Me and masks go way back. In fact, we’ve been in a stable relationship for more than a decade. And the best thing about it: even after all this time, I’m still as in love with masking as I was when we first fell for each other when I was in University.

I began using masks probably when I was about 19 or 20. I remember I started with two: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask (I kept seeing it being featured in magazines and decided to try it) and the Origins Clear Improvement, because for the first time in my life I was actually breaking out. After a month, I could see a noted improvement in my complexion. Not only did those pesky pimples stop popping out, but my skin looked clearer and more translucent.

As a firm believer that you can never have too much of a good thing, I started doubling up my usage to four times a week, and began experimenting with different types of masks. I added whitening and hydrating masks to my rotation, and found that my skin felt healthier and subtle sun spots disappeared faster.

Today, I’ve got my routine down pat. Or as some young people might say, my mask game is strong (do they still say that?). I apply a mask every single day, mixing between different textures such as sheet, cream and clay. I also make sure never to use too much of the same category back to back, so I have a good mix between deep cleansing, moisturising, retexturising, brightening, anti-ageing, etc.

I think of masks like going for tuition. While going to school (using basic skincare) is technically good enough, why not give your complexion an edge with extra “lessons”? And, to be honest, I’m so used to it that skipping the mask step is almost like not applying sunscreen, a cardinal sin in the beauty world.


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