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Done With Your Cleanser? Here Are The Best Face Wash Powders To Try Next

Have you tried switching your face cleanser up? If you have, here are the best face wash powders to consider trying next

When it comes to cleansers, a face wash powder probably isn’t the first choice for many. After all, most facial cleansers on the market come in liquid, gel or cream form, with powders taking a backseat.

Face wash powders aren’t anything new. In fact, brands such as Tatcha bank on stories about the geishas of yore using rice bran-based cleansing powders in their beauty rituals. As its name suggests, a face wash powder is meant to be used in place of your regular cleanser. Pour a small amount of product onto damp hands, mix it water and lather, then apply it onto a damp face.

Since powder cleansers are by nature textured and gritty, it can help exfoliate the skin. So, if you opt for a face wash powder, you don’t have to use a separate scrub. While that is convenient, it’s also important not to over-exfoliate. If you have sensitive, irritated or dry skin, it’s best to limit the use of cleansing powders to twice a week.

The good thing about face wash powders is that it’s “customisable”. Mix it with more water for a gentler wash, or use less water for a stronger scrub. If you have dry skin, try mixing the powder wash with an oil cleanser for a nourishing scrub.

A few years ago, the Suisai Beauty Clear Powder pretty much went viral online. Packaged in little hexagonal capsules, the Suisai face wash powder was touted as being life-changing and extremely travel-friendly, amongst other things.

Indeed, one key advantage of a face wash powder is that you can put it in your carry-on luggage without having to worry about liquid restrictions. It’s also space-saving and often weighs less than conventional liquid cleansers. On top of that, since face wash powders don’t contain water, it’s harder for bacteria and mould to grow. That translates into a longer shelf life – what’s not to love?

Have we piqued your interest? Here are some must-have face wash powders:

Suisai Beauty Clear Powder, $27 for 32 capsules or $14 for 15 capsules, BHG Welcia
You can’t talk about facial wash powders without mentioning Suisai at least once. This viral beauty product contains two types of enzymes — protease and lipase — to break down impurities and sebum. It can unclog pores, remove blackheads and help with smoothening out skin texture. Each capsule is meant for one use, but some people have split it into two uses.   Sekkisei White Powder Wash, $44 for 100g, available at Kose counters islandwide
This powder wash contains a blend of botanical extracts, including angelica root, peony root, perilla leaf and coix seed. It also contains highly-moisturising phospholipid polymers that form a protective veil of hydration over the skin.   Tatcha The Rice Polish Deep Foaming Enzyme Powder, $95 for 60g, available at Sephora
Tatcha’s quartet of enzyme cleansing powders have gained cult status, and for good reason. The best-selling Deep Foaming version is the most popular by far. It contains rice bran powder, algae, green tea, rice and Japanese wild rose to clarify skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone and reduce breakouts.   DHC Face Wash Powder, $19.90 for 50g
DHC is best known for its cleansing oil and moisturising lip cream, but did you know that the Japanese skincare brand offers a facial wash powder as well? It contains protease enzymes to sweep away dead skin cells and exfoliate, as well as sodium hyaluronate to hydrate the skin, licorice root extract and lavender to soothe, as well as honey to nourish and moisturise.   Clinique Fresh Pressed Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C, $39 for 28 sachets, available at Sephora
This multi-tasker from Clinique contains 10 per cent vitamin C to clarify and brighten the skin. Salicylic acid helps fight breakouts, while kaolin absorbs excess sebum. The cleansing powder is packaged in individual sachets, making it perfect for gym bunnies who hate having to lug full-sized cleansers for their post-session showers. Of course, it’s great for travellers too.   Fancl Facial Washing Powder, $26 for 50g, available at Fancl outlets and counters
Fancl’s iconic “Washing Powder” was launched all the way back in 1982, pretty much making it the OG of modern day cleansing powders. It’s preservative-free, so make sure to use it up within 60 days after opening. The cleanser contains agar and rice starch to exfoliate and wash away impurities, leaving your skin soft and smooth. For best results, use a foaming net to create a thick lather, then apply it to a damp face.   Orbis Powder Wash +, $25 for 50g, available at Orbis counters and online
Free from oil, fragrance and artificial colours, this enzyme cleanser helps remove keratin plugs and sebum without being overly harsh on the skin. The Orbis Powder Wash has two types of enzymes, protease and lipase, to dissolve and get rid of stubborn blackheads and keratin plugs. It also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract to moisturise the skin.   Kanebo Refreshing Powder Wash, $25 for 50g, available at Orbis counters and online
This powder wash from Kanebo contains protease, amino acids and apricot extract to break down grease, get rid of dead skin cells and unclog pores without leaving skin feeling tight or dry. It’s packaged in little hexagonal capsules that’s perfect for travel or gym sessions, since it’s lightweight and won’t spill or leave a gloopy mess in your bag.