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From Scalp SPF To Hair Botox, The Most Innovative Haircare Products You Never Knew You Needed

It's time to take better care of your tresses.

Let’s be honest: has doing a hair treatment ever been a priority on your beauty to-do list? Or would you rather schedule your monthly facial appointments? Truth be told, we are often more conscientious when it comes to taking care of the skin on our faces and tend to pay lesser attention to our scalp and hair. While there have been many tech and formula advancements in the skincare industry, there has also been a rise in the number of interesting — and effective — hair care products to note. We pick out our current favourites here.

Chai Bodyguard, $85.60
We are always emphasising the importance of sunscreen on our faces, but according to Dr. Low Chai Ling of SW1 Clinic, the UV light from the sun can cause hair loss. This hair and body wash contains an ionic technology that imparts SPF protection that is said to be waterproof. Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets, $27
Besides its portable packaging, we are loving how these sheets help to treat dry, frizzy and static-prone tresses for smooth, shiny looking locks. Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel in Cloudy Berry, $46
What makes this towel stand out from ordinary ones is its Aquitex Technology, which consists of ultra-fine fibres that are smoother than silk, uniquely woven to create channels that quickly remove water away from your hair a reported five times faster than cotton towels — without snagging cuticles or causing friction. This minimises frizz, damage and improves overall hair condition. Chai Hair Filler, $42.80
Just as its name suggests, this is made with a blend of vitamins, horse chestnut extracts and collagen protein to strengthen weakened hair that has been damaged by chemicals and environmental stressors. Infused with hydrating oils, this also nourishes and treats dry hair shaft for smoother, softer locks. Chai Hair Botox, $42.80
Unlike the previous one, this aims to rebuild the internal structure of hair that is prone to breakage and split ends. It is rich in biotin, silk protein and keratin to protect, purify and restore the fibre’s cuticle. IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, $43, Sephora
Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet so this dry spray is meant to replace a blow dryer, which may cause more damage to our hair because of the intense heat. It contains an Advanced Flash Cooling Technology and a blend of lightweight starches to invisibly coat the hair to reduce moisture. Thus, less bending, frizz and breakage. IGK Trust Issues Instant Scalp Rebalancing Treatment, $43
Apart from our hair, it’s crucial to give our scalp the TLC it needs. This treatment uses a Hydrogel Time Release Technology to hydrate dry scalps — leaving it feeling soothed, refreshed and moisturised. It is also made with apple cider vinegar to rebalance, and antioxidant-rich yuzu lemon extract to nourish. Main image: