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But apart from the stunning ready-to-wear pieces and eye-catching accessories we spotted, we couldn’t help but get up close and personal with Nars’ regional and international makeup artists and models where they shared with us their best makeup tips and advice.

“Less is definitely more. I think it’s important to emphasise the features that you have in a very natural way.” – Irene Kim, model

“It’s crucial to prep your skin before makeup. What a lot of people end up doing and what they see on social media is just all makeup but you need to take care of your skin. Have a gentle eye makeup remover so you don’t have to rub or tug with a makeup wipe. A good cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream and sun protection is important too because the more beautiful your skin looks, the better your makeup will look. Another tip I have is when you wear a lip product, especially a bright coloured one and if you want it to look sharper, just add a lip liner to create a more crisp line. For the show, we actually just used two lip liners and layered them over each other.” – Jenny Smith, Nars’ global makeup artist

“To make my eyelashes look longer, I apply my mascara on the top of my lashes and curl it upwards. ” – Faith, model

“Blending is definitely key. It helps give better, more even coverage and finish – who doesn’t want that?” – Mei, model

“Always take good care of your brows and never neglect them. Even when I’m not wearing makeup, I usually would fill in my brows to define my face. Another really cool tip I got was to use a hairdryer to heat up my eyelash curler, dab it against my palm to take away the initial heat and then curl my lashes. It becomes way curlier.”  – Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw, model

“Applying a brightening product prior to putting on makeup is key. I like using the Nars Brightening Concentrate as it actually helps brighten up the skin to give it a very nice glow. Apply it before putting on your foundation and your skin will look more luminous and dewy. Another way I like to apply foundation is to use a brush with a stippling method as it gives better coverage.” – Great, Nars’ senior makeup artist

makeup tips

“If you have really bad dark eye circles (like me), it’s best to layer two types of concealers, which are lightweight for higher coverage but still feels weightless on skin.”  – Natasha, model

“If you feel like you’re not very well-versed with makeup, you can use this technique. If you have a dewy and luminous base, apply a matte lip product and if you decide to apply a matte foundation instead, try using a gloss on your lips.” – Yeo Hyung Suk, Nars’ lead international makeup artist

“Natural is always best so using a concealer and powder as your base is enough.” – Unna, model

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