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These Are The Best Massages To Try In Bangkok

Perfect for your next getaway to the Land of a Thousand Smiles.

The capital of Thailand has always been favoured by Singaporeans looking for a short weekend getaway. Whether you’re into its shopping, party scene or street food, there’s something else that almost every Singaporean look forward to when visiting Bangkok: massages. This comes as no surprise, after all, you can get good quality massages in Bangkok for as low as $8 for a 60-minute foot massage at tiny parlours that line touristy streets. And even those in luxury spas come more reasonably priced than similar ones in Singapore’s five-star establishments.

So whether you’re looking at pampering your worn out feet after a long day of bargain-hunting or indulging in a lavish spa experience, here are the best massages you have to try the next time you’re in Bangkok.

Under $30 per hour: Thai Herb Association Thai Traditional Body Massage, about $25 for 60 minutes
No trip to Thailand can be considered complete without getting a Thai massage. And with branches all over Bangkok, there’s no better way to experience a Thai massage than at Thai Herb Association. With years of experience under their belt, the therapists here are well-versed with this healing ritual that can be traced back to the origins of Thai traditional medicine over 2,000 years ago. Also referred to as “partner yoga”, Thai massage consists mainly of stretching poses to restore mobility to stiff joints and muscles. Depending on your areas of concern, your therapist might also perform some acupressure massage to stimulate circulation to alleviate tension and boost vitality.   Don’t worry about attire as you’ll be provided with a loose shirt and pants before your session. Before you go, don’t forget to pick up some of its certified organic products. Farmed organically and sustainably in its farms, all products are made with concentrated botanical extracts for optimum results and are biodegradable (excluding some packaging) for an earth-friendly approach. We recommend the herbal balls (about $33each), which can be heated and used in the comfort of your own home to relieve aches and tension. Made of 18 Thai herbs like ginger, kaffir lime, basil and lemongrass, they have an invigorating effect on weary bodies. For more information, click here. Under $50 per hour: Infinity Spa Infinity Aroma Massage, about $58 for 90 minutes ($38 per hour)
Just a short walk from the Surasak BTS, Infinity Spa is not only an oasis of calm but also an Instagram heaven for design fans, thanks to its clean, sleek and new-age decor. We like that this ultra-modern space blends their own massage oils. Sourcing only the finest ingredients, the massage oils are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids while containing no chemicals, parabens and mineral oils so your only receives the purest extracts. Deeply rooted in the practice of aromatherapy, the Infinity Aroma Massage combines this alternative healing method with traditional Thai massage to relieve stress, fatigue and muscle tension. Choose the Energize oil blend, which is made of geranium and citrus fruits to bring about an invigorating and balancing effect. For more information, click here. Under $50 per hour: Thann Sanctuary Emporium Thai Aromatic Massage, about $100 for 120 minutes ($50 per hour)
Tucked away on the fifth floor of the bustling Emporium shopping mall, get ready to be transported into a world away the minute you enter the spa. After all, it’s not called a sanctuary for nothing. Decked out in wood paneling that echoes nature, this spa is the perfect getaway after a day of retail therapy. Book yourself the Thai Aromatic Massage, which comprises of a 90-minute traditional Thai massage, followed by a 30-minute deep tissue treatment that are guaranteed to melt away your stress and aches. Your therapist utilises a mix of palm, thumb and forearm techniques to knead away accumulated tension while a blend of Thann’s essential oils are used to send you to a state of calm and relaxation. For more information, click here. Under $100 per hour: Panpuri Wellness Panpuri Signature Massage, about $150 for 90 minutes ($75 per hour)
Occupying the entire 12th floor of Gaysorn Village, it might take a while for you to locate the exact lift lobby that will take you up but once you do, we guarantee it’s worth it. All decked out in a minimal style with wood and stone elements, this is the go-to zen haven for busy urbanites. Moreover, it also boasts Bangkok’s largest onsen pools, offering healing thermal waters from different parts of Japan that help relieve skin ailments and improve vitality.   Be sure to opt for the onsen add-on (approx $30) for access to the Himalayan salt sauna, cold plunge pool and a vitality pool as well. And book yourself the Panpuri Signature Massage, a fully customisable massage where your therapist combines various techniques to work on your aches and tension, according to your preferences. Whether you’re concerned with water retention at your lower limbs, experience aches on your lower back or have sore muscles at your shoulders, you’ll emerge feeling rejuvenated and well-rested. For more information, click here.  Under $100 per hour: HARNN Heritage Spa Krungthep at CentralWorld Dusit Therapy, about $90 for 60 minutes
For those looking for total relaxation of the mind and body, book yourself a slot of this Thai deep tissue massage. Designed to target deep layers of the muscles, your therapist performs slow but firm strokes using her fingertips, palms and elbows to loosen tense muscles and stimulate blood circulation. In addition to the calming massage technique, the extensive range of massage oils available are also formulated to bring about restoring balance to the mind and body. At such, this massage not only relieves stiffness and tension in the muscles, but also promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing. We also love that the massage oils contain Oryzanol, a component of rice bran oil which nourishes and protects skin. For more information, click here. Over $100 per hour: Waldorf Astoria Spa Royal Thai Massage, about $110 for 60 minutes
If you love the rejuvenating effects of traditional Thai massage but find some positions a little awkward, then you ought to try this. Expect nothing short of unparalleled luxury every step of the way from the moment you enter the newly opened Waldorf Astoria. Situated on the 16th floor, the spa reception is well-lit yet comforting. A welcome drink and cold towel is served to refresh and recalibrate guests, setting the stage for a pampering session ahead.   Drawing from the ancient healing ritual that the Thais have practiced for centuries, this version is said to be an upgraded form which was performed on the royal family. Designed to bring about the same restorative benefits, your therapist performs a series of stretching motions in addition to acupressure stimulation along specific points on your body. This improves joint mobility, loosens tense muscles and improves energy flow in your body. Moreover, all of the treatment rooms are equipped with a private steam room, rain shower and large changing room and vanity area that’s perfect for indulging in some much-needed me-time. For more information, click here.