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The Best Minimalist Beauty Products That Contain 10 Ingredients And Less

In these instances, less is definitely more.
Leaves of Trees Coffee Argan Scrub, S$18
When the founder of the company is a toxicologist, you know you’re getting good stuff. Toronto-based Leaves of Trees makes products you want to slather all over you all the time, and the Coffee Argan Scrub exfoliates and hydrates your skin at the same time. Plus, who doesn’t want to smell like your AM java? Image: Instagram (@leavesoftreesto) Cosmos Botanicals Everywhere Salve, S$30
Plant-based skincare line Cosmos Botanicals coats your lip with a Vitamin E compound and a whole load of hydration. You can use this six-ingredient stick on dry patches and scars too. Image: Instagram (@cosmosbotanicals) Kopari Coconut Lip Glossy
Formulated with squalane derived from olives, this petroleum-free lip treatment is great for those who need extra hydration for their pout. Slather it on and wipe off after a few minutes if you’re using a matte liquid lipstick, or simply layer it on as gloss. Image: Instagram (@koparibeauty) Egyptian Magic Cream, S$66
Any beauty junkie worth their chops will have this stashed in their home for its multi uses. From a burn and would relief, to cuticle conditioner, moisturiser for the driest parts of your face and body, and even diaper rash cream. It has a grand total of six ingredients including bee pollen and royal jelly. Image: Instagram (@egyptianmagic) Fat And The Moon All Cream, S$22
If you’re a fan of hippie, quirky packaging on wicked products that actually deliver, this all-over cream does the trick. With only six ingredients, this cream goes on thick with the texture of full-fat yogurt, so it’s best slathered when your skin is parched when you’re travelling or regularly just before bedtime. Image: Instagram (@bowandarrowstore)