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The Best Sunscreens For Your Year-End Getaways, Based On Climate

We all know sunscreen is super important – so we break it down even further with the best ones to cop based on where you're headed for your year-end getaway.
Beach Getaway: Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen, $50, Sephora
The chances of you working up a sweat on the beaches of Thailand are very high. Keep shine at bay while protecting your skin at the same time with one of our all-time favourites, Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen. It’s weightless, scentless, and works great as a primer all at the same time. While it’s only Broad Spectrum SPF40 (we’d love it if the brand up it a notch to make it SPF50), we won’t complain so much because it has such a nice velvety texture. Ski holiday: Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen, $25.90, Sephora
Did you know that while may be colder up in the mountains, but the sun is stronger than it is at sea level? This is because the atmosphere where you’re skiing is much thinner so less UV radiation is filtered out before it hits your face; plus, the whiteness of the snow reflects sunlight back upwards as you head down the slopes, giving a double helping of UV. Choose a water-resistant cream to minimise the chance of sweating it into your eyes, and it’ll stay on your face even when you faceplant into the snow. But reapply often! European city vacation: Centella Green Level Safe Sun, $24,
So the sun sets at 3pm and you’re planning to go bar hopping and Glühwein-drinkin’ most of the time anyway. That sounds like a great vacation — but you probably still need a smidgen of SPF for the daylight hours you’ll be out, plus more hydration to take on the cold. The Centella Green Level Safe Sun is loaded with over 70% of water base and 3 active ingredients that leaves skin semi-matte and feeling smooth. Stuck in Singapore: LANEIGE Watery Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++, $36, Sephora
We know the FOMO can be quite the struggle, but think of all the money you’re saving and all the stress you’re avoiding by not travelling over the holidays. Bask in the familiar humidity of home and try a new sunscreen — this keeps your skin plump and hydrated without a white cast. Southeast Asian quick trip: est.lab SunShield, $96,
est.lab’s SunShield is a waterproof sunscreen that doubles up as a tinted make-up base, making it a great multi-purpose product you can depend on on a quick getaway where you just don’t want to pay for a check-in bag. It dries matte so you can keep the grease on your face down when while stuffing your face with full-on greasy street food.