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Here Are 10 Killer Beyonce Beauty Looks That You Can Easily Recreate

Queen Bey will always reign supreme.
#1: Pair dark lips with a bare face
When wearing a lip colour that’s dark and matte, keep the rest of your makeup pared down, and Jjust make sure that your complexion is dewy to avoid looking goth. Start with a sheer foundation to even out skin tone and dab on concealer only where extra coverage is needed. Follow with a touch of highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones — opt for those with golden undertones to add warmth to your skin. #2: Chilli red lipstick always lights up your complexion
Didn’t get any sleep on your long-haul flight? Or perhaps you’re headed for brunch with a hangover? Throw on a pair of sunglasses and slick on your favourite red lipstick and voila! You can go from zero to hero in just five minutes. #3: Don’t fix what’s not broken
Instead of piling on makeup like those Youtube tutorials, use makeup to accentuate your natural beauty instead. Subtly sculpt your cheekbones, apply mascara, add a dab of shimmer at the inner corners of your eyes and finish with a shimmery nude lipsticks. #4: Hair extensions = Diva
To make a dramatic entrance and quite literally turn heads, go for hair extensions — long, dramatic ones at that. #5: Glossy lips will never go out of style
What could possibly make your lips appear fuller and juicier than a coat (or two) of high-shine gloss? #6: When in doubt, highlight
Suitable for all skin tones, skin types and any occasions, a healthy sheen on your cheekbones is always welcomed. Avoid highlighters with visible shimmer particles as these can look too dramatic for everyday wear. Instead, opt for those with a pearlescent finish and gently buff into skin for a seamless, more natural look. #7: Sexy smoky eyes don’t have to be black
There’s nothing more seductive than come-hither eyes in a smoky effect. However, switch things up a bit and try a rich gemstone shade like Queen Bey has in an opulent emerald hue. The effect is still as sexy but less predictable than regular black. #8: Add height and lift your features with a high ponytail
Do your features need an instant lift? The best way to create the illusion of lifted eyes with a high ponytail. The extra height also elongates your neck and makes your face appear slimmer. #9: A blunt, wavy bob is good enough for the red carpet too
Who says the you have to overdo your tresses for the red carpet? Take your cue from Beyonce and keep it real with a blunt wavy bob — paired with dramatic jewels, of course. #10: Switch things up with clip-on micro bangs
Long before the micro bangs trend began early this year, Beyonce was already rocking the look back in 2015, proving once again that she’s always ahead of the times. If physically chopping your fringe off is too much for you to handle, explore your options with clip-on bangs. They’re easy to wear and enables you to jazz things up whenever you feel like it with zero commitment.