If you’ve always had your hair grown past your shoulders, getting it chopped to chin level is a huge commitment. You might think to yourself: will my face end up looking huge? Is it a lot harder to maintain? What if I just don’t suit the look?


Though it is a plunge, many celebs and style icons — Dua Lipa, Fiona Fussi and even Kylie Jenner — have mustered the courage and took inches off their long tresses. A shorter do (a blunt bob, more specifically) looks a lot chicer, cooler and fresher, which are also the same few reasons why I decided to get mine cut (thanks, Kylie).

Personally, I loved my long hair. I could tie it up, bun it, braid it — basically, do whatever I wanted with it but there was a huge problem: my hair was so damaged. In the past year alone, I had already bleached my hair four times and lightened it twice, so it’s safe to say my mane was in bad condition. It looked layered thanks to all the breakage, and also dull and flat. I decided a month ago to get it chopped to a blunt bob.

The most important thing is to always go back to your same stylist who you trust to get your tresses cut, especially when you’re making such a big commitment. I got mine cut by Karl from Harts Salon (I have always gone to him whenever my hair is in need of some TLC). He did a blunt cut with no layers, and made sure that the front part of my hair was left a little longer to frame my features given my round face shape.

Maintenance-wise, I always apply a hair mask and a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying, and that’s literally all I do. A tip from Karl: always start blow-drying from the top of your locks and comb downwards. If you’re keen on getting a blunt bob, now’s the best time to do so.

Main image: @kyliejenner Instagram