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7 Body And Hair Mists That Will Have You Smelling Fresh All Day

Whether you're at work or need some freshening up post-gym, these body and hair mists will have you smelling 100.

How many times have you yearned to go for lunch at that hawker centre with the stall that serves your favourite char kway teow, fried carrot cake or bak chor mee, but decided against it because you just didn’t want to smell like, well, the said hawker centre? And it’s not just hawker centres, cafes can leave your skin, clothes and hair with that less than pleasant after-food odour too.

In these instances, the usual eau de toilettes or eau de parfums won’t cut it. Firstly, because EDPs and EDTs have a scent composition that is more intense, the result might be too cloying or overpowering. Secondly, they won’t be so effective because they are meant to be sprayed on your skin, and not on your clothes and hair as they contain fairly high levels of alcohol, which can damage both the fabric of clothes and the strands of your hair alike.

Reach for these body and hair mists instead. With less or even no alcohol content, you can go ahead and spray them wherever and whenever you need to hit refresh on your scent. Psst… they work great for post-gym-no-time-to-shower situations too.

BRIOGEO Sea Goddess Hair + Body Shimmer Mist, $35 for 118ml, from Sephora
We love that this is both a light floral citrus scented mist that smells like a summer breeze… and also leaves skin and hair with a gorgeous sheen. Don’t freak out about the shimmer – it is made with naturally-derived and ethically-sourced ultra-fine blue silver iridescent mica. Plus, the formula is vegan too.   Sephora Scented Body Mist in Morning Zest, $14 for 100ml, from Sephora
As its name suggests, this makes you smell all zesty and fruity. It’s a perfect pick-me-up for mornings you can’t quite open your eyes and that post-lunch hour when you are veering into a food coma and badly need an energy boost. Its size is travel-friendly, its price is wallet-friendly, plus it can be sprayed on your hair too. What’s not to love? Chanel No.5 L’Eau All-Over Spray, $92 for 150ml, from Chanel Beauty Boutique and counters
Go luxe with this top-to-toe scent that can be used on the hair and body. The mist is super fine yet generous, leaving a veil of the fresh, contemporary fragrance wherever you spray it. Like the famous perfume, it opens with zesty top notes of lemon, orange and aldehydes, before revealing a lightly floral and subtly musky second note.   Gucci Bloom Hair Mist, $70 for 30ml, from Sephora
If you like feminine floral fragrances but don’t like the effusiveness of the more voluptuous perfumes, you’ve got to try this hair mist. It is a powdery floral that leaves your hair smelling like you’ve just rolled around in a field of blooms.  Subtle, not too sweet, but definitely conjuring up the essence of spring time. Percy & Reed A Walk In The Rain Shine & Fragrance Mist, $30 for 75ml, from Sephora
Meant to smell like a garden after a shower of spring rain, this hair mist gives hair a delicate, sweet, floral scent. But that’s not all, it also delivers a dose of hydration to make your strands smooth and glossy too. Best for thicker, drier, or damaged strands.   MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Aqua Universalis Scented Hair Mist, $100 for 70ml, from escentials
We adore this perfume for its airy, luminous, fresh vibes – a mix of lily of the valley, citrusy orange and musky wood notes – and this 100 percent alcohol free hair mist version doesn’t disappoint. It is definitely lighter and subtler, with the same sublime scent impression. Duft & Doft Grace Bouquet Fine Hand, Hair & Body Mist, $16.90
This body, hand and hair mist from South-Korean body and skincare brand Duft & Doft is made with oxygenated water, green tea, Madonna lily and mineral water. It helps to moisturise and nourish dry skin and hair while leaving behind a mild, fresh floral scent.