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9 Masks For Every Part Of Your Body

Had a hard day? Pamper yourself from head to toe, courtesy of these masks for every part of your body.

What’s your usual self-care routine like? Many people like to treat themselves to “pamper nights” where they unwind with a sheet mask and a glass of wine. But why stop at just masking your face when you can spoil just about every part of your body? We’re serious – did you know that there’s a mask just for your vulva? The next time you’re settling down for a night of indulgence, why not refer to our list of masks? It’ll change your life, from head to toe.


Hair mask: Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, $44 for 100ml from Sephora
Got damaged hair prone to breakage? The Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector is a take-home version of the treatment used in salons, and it serves to relink the broken bonds in your hair caused by chemical, heat and mechanical damage. Apply it to towel-dried hair and leave it in for at least 10 minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition as usual.   Face mask: GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment, $80 for 50g from Sephora
No pamper night is complete without a face mask. This cult favourite from GlamGlow uses six types of acids to brighten and exfoliate the complexion. Activated charcoal gets rid of impurities and congestion. You’ll get clear and refined skin in no time.   Eye mask: Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Eye Mask, $14.50 for pack of 3 from Lookfantastic
Don’t worry – no dragons were harmed in the making of this eye mask. Dragon’s blood is actually a type of tree resin, and it’s prized for its wound-healing properties. The mask also contains hyaluronic acid, and these two ingredients work together to leave your under-eye area plump and lifted. Lip mask: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, $27 for 20g from Sephora and Laneige counters and outlets
Think of this Lip Sleeping Mask as a supercharged version of a lip balm. Leave it on your lips overnight and you’ll wake up to smoother and plumper puckers, thanks to hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and berry extracts.   Neck mask: Holika Holika Spot Band V Zone Patch, $11 from Lookfantastic
If you’re constantly peering down at your phone, chances are you have something called a “tech neck”. It essentially refers to a sore neck adorned with necklace-like wrinkles. Not a good look, honestly. Combat “tech neck” with this lifting mask from Holika Holika, and consider fixing your smartphone habit. Butt mask: Bawdy Beauty Bite It Hydrating + Toning Butt Sheet Mask, US$9 (approx $12.50) from Bawdy Beauty
Like the skin on your face, your derriere needs plenty of TLC. Pamper your booty with a butt mask from Bawdy Beauty. Apply it while standing, then flop onto your bed stomach-first for about 10 minutes while the mask works its magic. Tina Belcher would approve. Vulva mask: Two L(i)ps Blackout (Activated Charcoal Vulva Mask), $28 from Two L(i)ps
What, you thought a butt mask would be the craziest thing on this list? Yes, a sheet mask for your vulva exists. It’s created by Spa Esprit Group’s Cynthia Chua, a Singaporean entrepreneur who also founded Ministry of Waxing. According to her, many clients complained about the texture and hyperpigmentation in their nether regions, and so she was inspired to create a mask for the vulva. The mask contains activated charcoal to purify, floral extracts to calm and moisturise, centella asiatica and white liquorice to brighten and even out skin tone, as well as aloe vera and ylang ylang to soothe and hydrate. Hand mask: Sephora Collection Hand Mask, $7 from Sephora
If your regular hand cream just isn’t cutting it, consider using a hand mask once a week. This hand mask from Sephora is super affordable and convenient. Slip the gloves on, go about your day, and remove after 15 minutes. The gloves are watertight, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.   Foot mask: Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel, US$25 (approx $35) from Baby Foot
You’ve probably already heard of Baby Foot, but it bears repeating. This exfoliating foot peel is hard core – be prepared to see layers of dead skin shedding after usage. It’s kind of gross and you’ll have to wear closed toe shoes for a week while your skin sheds, but you’ll be left with baby soft feet at the end of it.