#1: EstheClinic Intensive Stretch Marks Treatment, $380-$450 (60-90 minutes)

If the idea of wearing a bikini scares you because of your stretch marks, then this treatment is perfect. It combines LED photomodulation treatment (said to soften and flatten stretch marks), micro-needling with eladerm le dermabooster XL, eladerm stretch marks gel and thermo-controlled radiofrequency to boost cellular metabolism, regenerate cells and reconstruct damaged tissue. It starts off with the radiofrequency treatment that heats the skin (don’t worry, it’s not too hot) to a temperature that is optimal to induce collagen stimulation. A unique micro-needling device is then used to speed up skin repair and re-texturises skin followed by the application of the Le Serum CosmeLED to stimulate skin renewal. A cold LED light is then placed over the skin to activate new collagen formation. Lastly, the gel is applied to soothe, repair and regenerate collagen fibres.

#2: EstheClinic EstheCyro, $550 (60 minutes)

You’ll need some level of pain tolerance for this cryolipolysis procedure which safely targets the fat cells underneath one’s skin involving an intense suction of one’s fatty tissues using a handheld device. Still, it’s a lot less painful versus similar treatments thanks to the treated area being frozen to -5 degrees celsius as opposed to -12 degrees celsius, which feels more like a slight uncomfortable and tugging sensation. The cryolipolysis aesthetic technology reportedly treats multiple areas simultaneously in one session due to a unique suction method that gradually draws up the fatty tissues. After the treatment, a slimming gel with green coffee and pineapple is applied to prolong the burn of stored fat, promote drainage and detoxify.

Main image: Showbit.com