Our skin loses elasticity and collagen over time, but so does our hair. The cuticles lose keratin and nutrients and thus become more damaged and porous (or hole-y, if you will).

hair treatment

And in the same way you might spend money on botox or fillers to plump up your skin, you can now do something similar for your hair so it isn’t as dull, frizzy or unmanageable. Plus, the treatment is going to last up to 90 days (with the help of at-home products) so you aren’t stuck with it if you don’t love the results.

After a year of research, Chez Vous Hair Salon has finally developed a semi-permanent hair treatment therapy to get your hair looking shiny and feeling smooth. The best part of the entire treatment? Your hair looks salon-perfect after every wash without much effort. Which means more time in bed. We’ll cheers to that.

What is the Chez Vous Botox + Fillers programme?

The treatment is similar to Keratin treatments, but according to Eugene Teo, brand director at Chez Vous, Keratin treatments work better on finer caucasian hair. With more coarse Asian hair, more Keratin is taken in by our cuticles to fill up those “holes” which results in hair that’s way too stiff and unnatural.

Instead, what the salon has done is develop a filler mix of keratin concentrates and other reparative hair supplements like micronised amino lipids, hyaluronic acid, natural jojoba and avocado oils, ceramides and silk proteins. So not only does the treatment strengthen your hair using keratin, it also nourishes and smoothes your hair to keep it feeling soft and natural.

Is the treatment suitable for your hair type?

Firstly, the treatment does get rid of frizz and makes your hair a lot smoother and straighter. So if you love your pronounced curls, you may not be a fan of it. The stylists at Chez Vous can customise the balance of ingredients involved depending on how straight you want your hair, so you can always ask for something that looks more natural or will allow some waviness to come through. That said, it will take about a week of really straight hair before you get some of your natural waviness back.

The treatment is perfect for someone who wants to semi-permanently straighten their hair without the commitment or damage. If you have really curly hair and have tried rebonding in the past, you’ll know the awkward phase in which your straightened hair is growing out and you can see the clear line of demarcation where the straight meets the curls. With this treatment, the effects fade over time, so you’ll never have that problem.

The biggest issue you’ll have is if you’re a swimmer or enjoy swimming on a regular basis. The results of this treatment will more or less disappear once you go for a swim, so it would be a waste of your money as well.

hair treatment

What the treatment entails

The first step involves deep cleansing your hair and scalp to prepare it for the treatment. That means you get a lovely head massage with some purifying shampoo to get rid of all the build-up on your scalp.

Next the customised blend of active ingredients is applied to your hair along with the nourishing hair booster, and all of that is left to saturate your hair cuticles while you sit under a heater to activate the ingredients.

After the treatment is rinsed out, your hair is roughly blow-dried, and then straightened with a flat-iron which actually works to activate the unique Smooth-Control Concentrate in your cuticles and seal in all the active ingredients.

The entire Botox + Fillers programme starts at $599 and includes the hair therapy, a customised home haircare set, a Chez Vous Trilogy Express Revitalizing Supreme in-salon hair treatment (which you’ll return to the salon to get), and a new Trilogy Bespoke Booster Set which your stylist will curate based on your most pressing hair concerns. This entire programme will help preserve the results of your treatment for up to 90 days.

hair treatment

My experience

Chez Vous has top notch service that needs no introduction, but I will say that I really appreciated the stylist taking the time to find out what kind of hair I wanted out of this. He was kind enough to warn me that my hair might be a little straighter than I’d like for about a week, but it would settle down. I was also given really thorough tips on how to care for my hair on the regular and keep it as healthy as possible.

There weren’t any particularly strong scents involved in the entire procedure which was great, and even though the smell got a tad unpleasant when my hair was flat-ironed, it wasn’t anywhere near as strong as chemical hair colour treatments can be.

Eugene did give me one piece of advice on preserving the results of the treatment, and if you’re wondering how it leaves you with salon-perfect hair after every wash, it’s because the straightening and smoothing elements of the treatment are heat activated. So when styling and drying your hair at home, you just have to make sure you apply heat to your hair with a hair dryer.

You won’t even need a hair brush to get your hair looking perfectly smooth and silky, because the “fillers” in your hair will do the job for you with the help of a little heat. It really does feel a little like magic, and your hair is done in half the time it might typically take you. The extra time you save should go towards making sure you use the home-care hair products well, with a good amount of discipline so you prolong your results.

So if you’ve got pretty damaged, frizzy or unmanageable hair and want something smoother, straighter and completely fuss-free, then this is a semi-permanent treatment I highly recommend you try.

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