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Boy De Chanel: Peek The French Brand's First Ever Makeup Line For Men

Skincare for men is definitely not new, what with brands like Laneige and Biotherm releasing products years ago. But makeup for men? Now, that's different. 

In the K-pop industry, men wearing makeup is common — just look at BTS, Big Bang and Exo to name a few. But we don’t mean copious amounts of eyeshadow and brightly coloured lipsticks are the norm; most of the time, just the right amount of makeup is used to enhance features and cover up scars and dark eye circles in order to appear stage-ready. Long story short: it’s to look more presentable, period. And it’s this very idea of men in makeup that spurred Chanel to launch its first ever Boy de Chanel collection.

The range is simple and consists of three very basic and fundamental products: a foundation, lip balm and eyebrow pencil. The French brand believes that beauty is not a matter of gender but instead, a matter of style, aiming to turn the notion that women should be the only ones applying makeup, on its head. All three products come in an elegant and understated midnight blue packaging, and were conceived to boost confidence and enhance one’s natural beauty for a perfected complexion.

Peek the collection above.

#1: Boy de Chanel Le Teint Foundation, $114
This is formulated with soft focus powders to correct imperfections while antioxidant-rich kalanchoe extract and hyaluronic acid improve skin oxygenation and hydrates for a plumper, healthier-looking complexion. It is also made with a polymer that helps to resist excess sweat and sebum. The best part? It has a fresh, fluid and lightweight texture, which glides on easily and sits comfortably on the skin. #2: Boy de Chanel Stylo Sourcils, $62
The slim eyebrow pencil features a spiralled brush that grooms and adjusts coverage while the other end comes with a retractable and tapered twist-off tip for perfect precision. A blend of natural, flexible waxes and emollient oils allow the waterproof formula (that lasts for a reported eight hours) to glide on easily. #3: Boy de Chanel Lip Balm, $55
This contains jojoba oil, nourishing shea butter and an antioxidant-rich vitamin E derivative to protect, hydrate and soften puckers for a reported eight hours. The result: naturally smooth, soft and supple lips.