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If health has not been on the top of mind for you this year, have you even lived through 2020?

With everyone’s attention on Covid-19, it also comes as an apt reminder that we should take great care of ourselves – this includes checking for signs of breast cancer, Singapore’s top cancer-killer among women in the country according to the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF).

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The statistics can sound scary at first: approximately one in 14 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year; six women are diagnosed with the disease each day; and one woman succumbs to it daily. However, we can start curbing our current habits and prevent ourselves from becoming a statistic by taking a few steps.

Breast cancer is highly treatable provided it is detected early with a five-year survival rate at over 90 person if diagnosed at Stage One. By being proactive and vigilant with regular monthly BSE and mammograms, women can take charge of their own health

Staphnie Tang, BCF President

“Though breast cancer remains the leading cancer killer disease for women in Singapore, there is reason to be optimistic,” says Staphnie Tang, president of BCF. To commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness this month, the foundation is launching a campaign titled “The Health Crisis That Was Always Here” to put the spotlight on breast cancer and early detection.

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As we commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month this Oct, here is a reminder to take charge of our own breast self-examination (BSE) and start developing monthly regular mammogram screenings – yes, you can start as young as 20 – on top of having conversations like the one in the video below featuring singer Narelle Kheng, actress Munah Bagharib and a scientist.

For more information, visit BCF’s official website here.