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A New Korean Brightening Range Promises To Give You A Dewy, Fair Complexion

Whether or not you’re a Kpop or Kdrama fan, you’ve got to admit that Korean actresses seem to have the most amazing skin. They have somehow managed to achieve fair and translucent skin, without any dryness or fragility (we’re looking at you Nicole Kidman). Think plump, moist complexions that seem to glow.

To be fair, getting that is easier said that done. This is because whitening skincare can be harsh and dehydrating. However, Laneige’s new White Dew line promises to give you radiance with a dewy finish. The collection contains a Mela-vita Crusher technology that claims to be able fill melanocytes with moisture to suppress and control melanin formation. It also has truffle extract to promote the destruction of melanin pigments, as well as vitamin B5 to soothe the skin and cultivate a healthy and hydrated environment to reduce melanin formation.

To keep skin hydrated, the range uses Phyto Sugar Water, which is infused with Trehalose and Raffinose extracted from plants. The duo is said to be able to help skin to regulate its moisture content, while also hydrating and purifying skin to boost brightness. The Laneige White Dew line contains seven products in all, but the star products of the collection are definitely the Original Ampoule Essence and Tone-Up Cream. The former is a quick working serum while the latter is a day moisturiser that immediately brightens.

#1: White Dew Milky Cleanser, $34
This cleansing foam contains amino acids, a natural component of the skin, to prevent moisture loss even as you cleanse to give you a healthy, smooth finish. #2: White Dew Skin Refiner, $45
This lightweight, moisturising whitening toner gets quickly absorbed into the skin to hydrate, detoxify and even out skin tone. #3: White Dew Emulsion, $45
This moisturising emulsion instantly bursts into moisture to hydrate and brighten skin. #4: White Dew Original Ampoule Essence, $80
This powerful serum is formulated with Mela-vita Crusher to lighten dark spots and improve skin tone to give you a flawless, radiant and even-toned complexion. #5: White Dew Tone-up Cream, $56
This day moisturiser has leaves a smooth finish and instantly brightens the sallow complexions. It comes with a specially designed Tone-Up Puff which increases adhesion and coverage of the Tone-Up Cream for a more natural effect. #6: White Dew Intensive Eye Mask, $36 for a set of eight
This warm double-film eye mask provides intense treatment of the W-zone to banish freckles and blemishes for clear and brighter skin. #7: White Dew Purifying Mask, $54 for a set of 12
This clay mask removes dead skin cells and oxidised pores gently and effectively for an instant brightening effect. Like this? Check out all the latest whitening skincare to get now and why hand serums and night masks are a must to have.