dark spot solution

As a beauty writer and junkie, my ultimate quest is to achieve a flawless complexion. But dullness, uneven skin tone and pigmentation are problems that I can’t seem to shake. And sadly, these issues only heighten as we get older. As we age, cell turnover and metabolism starts to slow down, leading to stubborn dark spots and a loss of radiance. External aggressors like pollution, UV damage and an unhealthy lifestyle (stress from work, lack of sleep – yeah, we get that) also aggravate the problem.

Because of this, I’m always on a hunt for the next skin-transforming products. I’ve tried tons but my most recent find definitely impressed me. It fulfills two very important criteria I look for in skincare. For one, it has a unique and innovative technology inspired by aesthetic techniques to help combat this common problem. Secondly, it’s super convenient for women on-the-go and comes with both a day and night serum in one bottle.

dark spot solution

The Lierac Lumilogie Day and Night Dark Spot Correction Double Concentrate is the French beauty brand’s first ever day and night double concentrate intensive treatment that targets three different types of pigmentation – emerging, visible and stubborn dark spots. The bottle comes with two different serums that can be dispensed separately to be used in the day and night.

This hardworker is inspired by two popular aesthetic treatments. The first is LED (light emitting diodes),  a medical technique that uses cold light to rebuild the dermo-epidermal junction (DEJ). As we age, our DEJ weakens which leads to skin thinning and contributes to the occurrence of hyperpigmentation.

To help fight this, the “Day Serum” is enriched with narrowleaf plantain extract, which is said to be able to rebuild the DEJ to fight stubborn spots and promote collagen production. Other active ingredients include vitamins B3 and E, which help prevent free radical damage and brightens skin. Sea daffodil extract combats visible dark spots by reducing melanin production and prevent its transfer to skin cells.



dark spot solution
Day serum (left) and night serum (right)

One bottle comes with two different serums that can be dispensed separately to be used in the day and night.


The next technique that inspired the “Night Serum” is peeling.  While the day serum comes in a creamy texture, the night option is a gel balm that gives an instant smoothening effect. It is formulated with seven types of hydroxy acids: six AHAs (glyocolic, lactic, pyruvic, citric, malic and tartaric) and one BHA (salicylic acid). Together, they stimulate cell renewal and gently exfoliates skin to eliminate dark spots. The best part? It also possesses anti-ageing properties.

The result: a more even-toned and luminous complexion. Dark spots and pigmentation will also be reduced and skin texture appears smoother and softer – what’s not to love?

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