In 2017, Chanel introduced a new natural active ingredient into its Le Blanc brightening skincare: the ume flower, which is able to boost skin’s radiance and give it a fresh, translucent finish. This year, the French brand is incorporating ume flower oil into two of its newest products: Huile (a nurturing and hydrating silky facial oil amplifies skin’s inner light and outer softness) and Oil-in-Cream Compact Foundation (a reformulated colour-care hybrid compact, which infuses skin inside and out with radiance).

Chanel Le Blanc Huile Healthy Light Creator Oil ($177)

Made of 98 per cent naturally-derived ingredients, Chanel’s first-ever brightening facial oil is infused with ume flower extract, which is said to be able to stimulate the protein in that helps to repair damage and promote skin’s health, strength and luminosity. It is also able to balance skin, illuminate dullness and boost moisture level.

The new star ingredient – ume flower oil – restores essential skin lipids and protects them from external aggression, and reinforces the skin’s barrier for visible brightness. Used every evening, the velvety oil helps to amplify radiance, boost vitality and nourish skin.

Chanel Le Blanc Oil-in-Cream Compact Foundation ($100)

Another new product infused with ume flower oil is Oil-in-Cream Compact Foundation. It gives the comfort of a skincare cream, the radiance of a whitening foundation and the protection of a sunscreen. It not only has an SPF40/PA++, but the cream foundation also has a Smart Thermal Complex that creates a breathable ‘buffer’ veil on the skin, diminishing the effects of changes in temperature and humidity as you move from an air-conditioned indoor environment to a more hot and humid outdoor condition. In hot weather, it helps to treat pores while in colder climates, the technology helps to reduce redness and balance skin.

It is also infused with ume flower oil and glycerin to hydrate and soften skin, while brightening pigments smooth out flaws and boost the appearance of skin with a soft-focus iridescence and leave you with a clear, refreshed complexion.

Another new product from the collection that we’re loving is the Masque Healthy Light Creator Mask. This 3-in-1 brightening sleeping mask helps skin recover to a healthy, radiant tone, cool down skin’s temperature, boost hydration levels and leave your complexion with a glow.

Chanel Le Blanc Masque Healthy Light Creator Mask ($133)

Formulated with ume flower extract and a fine pearl protein, which revitalises skin by increasing cellular vitality, the lightweight mask delivers both immediate and long-term hydration, while evening and brightening skin tone. It has a unique cooling formula that immediately lowers skin temperature to lessen the effects of heat on pigmentation disorders. With its cashmere-like soft texture, the refreshing mask can be used as the last step of your nighttime regime.

While we might be loving the latest Chanel Le Blanc skincare products, we’re equally obsessed with its accompanying makeup range. The Dernieres Neiges de Chanel collection is inspired by the trans-seasonal moment of the start of Spring, when blossoms begin to bloom and the air turns from icy-fog to dewy-clear. The entire line is a luminous palette of rose pink, pearl white, pastel blue and clear green to reflect everything that Le Blanc symbolises: healthy, pure yet natural radiance.

While the collection includes an eyeshadow quad, petal-soft blushers, pearlescent highlighters, glowing lip shades and a pretty pink nail polish, the star product is definitely the Exclusive Creation Premieres Fleurs ($103). The gorgeous complexion compact is imprinted with delicate blossoms, fragile branches and ancient graphics, and has a gradient of pure pearly white, light peachy pink and soft rose pink powders that can be used independently or together for a sheer veil of refreshing blush.

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