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Up Your Brow Game With Kat Von D's Biggest Eyebrow Collection

Ask any beauty editor or industry insider and they would probably say that filling in your brows is one of the most important steps in any makeup routine (well, unless you’ve got bangs to cover them). Eyebrows help to frame and shape our face. Many of times, we tend to wear less makeup when we’ve got a flawless complexion and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Besides having a good brow pencil, eyebrow gels and pomades are other products you should consider purchasing to get them #onfleek.

If you’re not sure which product to get, look at Kat Von D’s latest (and biggest) eyebrow collection yet. It consists of five different products (from brushes to pencils) to help you achieve brows of your dreams.

Below, the products you need to get.

#1: 24-Hr Super Brow Long-Wear Pomade, $29
Whether you’re working out at the gym or just partying the night away, this sweat and budge-proof pomade will ensure your brows stay in place throughout. It is also lightweight and comes in 14 different shades, which include seven neutral brown tones and artistry colours (think bright, neon shades).   #2: Brow Struck Dimension Powder, $31
Inspired by Kat’s artistic techniques when drawing realistic portraits, this is made with a unique 3D semi-metallic powder that mimics the natural sheen of real hair. Each of the seven brown-toned shades can also double as eyeshadows. Featuring a two-in-one primer and powder formula to enhance grip and wear time, this is reportedly the first brow powder to deliver waterproof and smudge-resistant eyebrows for up to 12 hours. #3: Signature Brow Precision Pencil, $31
With an ultra skinny tip, this is perfect for drawing hair-like strokes for natural-looking eyebrows. The longlasting formula also softens when in contact with the natural oils of your brow hair. #4: Powder Brow Brush in #75, $28
The brush features a unique combed design that actually deposits and blends the powder as it grooms brow hair. #5: Pomade Brow Brush #70, $28
This features firm, angled bristles that are made from the highest quality of synthetic fibers to deliver extreme control and effortless strokes. The collection is available at all Sephora stores. Main image: Like this? Check out the most travel-friendly setting powder we have ever come across, the mascara we are obsessed with and the new longlasting foundations that actually last.