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These Are The Beauty Products Best Suited For Every Brow Type

Forget everything you've learnt about Instagram brows.

Perfectly defined arches are one of the most sought after beauty traits among women all over the world. And for good reason, as the impact that eyebrows have can be compared to that of a haircut, because they frame your face and features. A look at how the shape of eyebrows evolved through the years also suggests that arched brows have been usually associated with sexy femme fatales while full, bushy brows are often linked with youth and boyishness. From Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn to Brooke Shields, celebrities (and their brow shape) often embodied their respective generation. Needless to say, many Asian women look to Korean celebrities as the golden standard when it comes to brow shapes.

Unfortunately, brow shapes can never be one-size-fit-all. According to makeup artist, Larry Yeo, “Brows should always be filled in according to natural hair growth and to natural brow shape”. And depending on your skin type and density of brow hairs, you should choose the suitable format of brow products to ensure immaculate arches. The only rule you have to abide by? “Pick a brow product that’s one to two shades lighter than your natural hair colour so that the effect is naturally full but not overpowering,” advises Larry. Read on as Larry tells us how to shop for the right brow product…

Format: Brow Pencils
Best For: Those who have patchy brows and want a naturally full effect. Skill Level: Beginner How To: Fill in brows in light and short strokes to mimic natural hair growth across the entire brow. Try: Chanel Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Format: Brow Liquid
Best For: Those with oily skin or whose brows tend to fade easily over the course of the day as brow liquids tend to have all-day staying power through sebum, sweat and humidity. Brow liquids are also great for those with naturally full brows and just need to fill in some sparse spots. Skill Level: Advanced How To: Fill in any sparse spots by applying in short, light strokes so that they look like natural hair. Try: Burberry Beauty Full Brows, $52 Format: Brow Pomade
Best For: All skin types and anyone who want long-wearing brows that do not fade over the day. Skill Level: Intermediate How To: Using an angled brush or a flat-top eye liner brush, pick up a small bit of product before applying onto brows to fill in bald patches or intensify definition. Try: M.A.C FluidLine Brow Gelcreme Format: Brow Powder
Best For: Those who require a softer effect as brow powders do not offer as much precision. Brow powders can also be used after brow liquids or brow pomades to help set makeup for even longer wear. Skill Level: Advanced How To: Most brow palettes would have two to three, so you can custom them softly to what you need. Use the darker shades to fill in sparse spots and lighter shades to soften and blend. Try: Dior Backstage Brow Palette, $65 Format: Brow Gel
Best For: Available in different shades that complement a wide range of hair colour, brow gels can be used for those who wish to temporarily tint the colour of their brow hairs. In addition, brow gels help thicken existing brows so they’re great for people with naturally full brows. Plus, brow gels are also available in a clear version to help hold errant hairs in place. Skill Level: Beginner How To: Before applying, use a tissue to dab away excess away from the wand. Start from the ends of the brows and brush the product through the brows against the direction of hair growth to coat each hair with product. Try: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows, about $27, at Net-a-Porter  Format: Brow Cushion
Best For: Those with naturally medium to full brows. As these tend to be sheerer than brow liquids or brow pomades, they are more forgiving for those who are prone to application blunders. Plus, they can be very long-lasting, which makes they perfect for our humid weather. Skill Level: Beginner How To: These usually come with a nifty applicator brush, so all you have to do is fill in your brows according to your natural brow shape to define them. Try: Laneige Eyebrow Cushion-Cara, $36