When it comes to skincare, beauty junkies are always on the lookout for the next It ingredient. Green tea was all the rage just a few years ago, before the more exotic Blue tansy oil became the popular kid in town. But there’s a new lesser-known ingredient quietly making waves in the beauty industry: cord lining stem cells.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are able to divide to produce more stem cells or even become specialised cells, which is why they are often referred to as mother cells. They are also responsible for the renewal and repair work in all parts of your body, including your skin. While much has been said about the use of stem cells in skincare, in reality, stem cells are hard to come by, and their use has been limited to medical therapies. 

Beauty products on the market may have dabbled with plant stem cells for their hydrating and antioxidant effects. However, the technology of human and mammalian stem cells on topical skincare is virtually undiscovered. This is till Singapore-based biomedical company CellResearch Corp identified the lining of the umbilical cord as a rich source of stem cells. This source is so plentiful that the biomedical company is able to use these stem cells to develop medical applications, such as wound healing, as well as a cosmeceutical line called Calecim Professional. 

This line of clinical skincare uses a patented technology to create a potent mix of proteins, growth factors and cytokines produced by cord lining stem cells as an active ingredient. These proteins can instruct skin cells to behave in a “youthful” manner.

Stem cell proteins do this by signalling our skin to boost cell regeneration and accelerate wound healing. They can also restore skin, encourage repair and epidermal cell turnover. The result: skin becomes healthier, more resilient, firmer and looks younger.

Doctors recommend that Calecim be used in the clinic after procedures to boost healing and optimise aesthetic results; as well as at-home as an anti-ageing treatment. Created by scientists, Calecim harnesses 10 years of stem cell research and technology into a skincare range that is said to work wonders in helping to lift, tighten and renew skin. It is believed to be the world’s only anti-ageing system powered by umbilical cord lining stem cells.

As human-derived products are generally disallowed in the consumer market, Calecim uses the umbilical cord of New Zealand deer to extract its key active ingredient. Similar to human cords, deer cords contain the two essential types of potent stem cell strains required for their skin-stimulating benefits. Reaching all levels of skin, stem cell proteins can help activate its self-healing properties, boost collagen production, plump and hydrate so it looks and feels younger.There are currently three products in the Calecim Professional line. The Multi-Action Cream is also known as the famous ‘face-lift in a jar’. Used before your moisturiser, it helps to lift your skin and redefine facial contours, targeting skin laxity and sagging.

The Restorative Hydration Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that revives dry, tired and stressed complexions. Stem cell-derived hyaluronic acid and stem cell proteins boost skin’s levels of hydration. It leaves skin looking well-hydrated, radiant and plumped with moisture.

You may encounter the Professional Serum at your next doctor’s visit. Doctors, dermatologists, and medical aestheticians have been using this concentrated Calecim product to calm and restore skin after in-clinic procedures. Not only does the serum reduce downtime, the procedure can help improve the absorption of potent stem cell proteins.

The products can be used on their own, or together for better efficacy.

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