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This New Korean Skincare Range Helps To Brighten And Rejuvenate

Living in an urban environment may cause more damage to our skin. Not only are we constantly exposed to harmful UV rays and environmental aggressors, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are also factors that can speed up the ageing process, cause hyperpigmentation and lead to dull, tired skin. To fight this, we like to use whitening and anti-pollution products. And here’s a new range you should check out.

Although Korean beauty brand Caolion specialises in making products that target pore concerns, its latest collection aims to brighten, rejuvenate and restore skin, making it ideal for those living in cities. The Magic Black Powder line uses graphene powder, which is an exotic composition of 60 carbon molecules that is said to stimulate the metabolism of skin cells to increase the rate of absorption of other active ingredients. It also helps to purify and tighten enlarged pores, which is a common skincare problem amongst many women and men alike.

This new range will drop on 26 April at all Sephora stores.