The look now  “Showing off natural skin. A fresh complexion without too much heavy foundation is really in now. Makeup should be about enhancing your natural glow, not concealing flaws.”

Beauty rule  “Always work with your own glow because makeup alone is not enough to make you look good. For example, you can use a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation so it doesn’t take away from your natural complexion.

Prepping skin is key  “Honestly, you can’t make really bad skin look good. For my clients, it’s a 50/50 thing – good complexion and good makeup. One thing I always do before I start applying makeup on my clients is to use the Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel. It helps to get rid of deep skin cells gently so my foundation goes on smoothly and looks fresh.”

What to look for in makeup  “Everyone should find what works for them, but some simple rules to follow are that they should sit well, last for a long time, don’t turn greasy and are simple to use.”

In his beauty box  “Tom Ford Lipsticks are my favourite, they have great nudes and brights. I like to use Beauty Blender sponges because fingers can cause makeup to look sloppy while brushes give you too much product. Skin Inc’s Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask is always great to give complexion a luminous radiance so you can apply less makeup after.”

Biggest Fall trend “Bold, electric blue. It’s actually an easy to wear colour. I consider it almost like a neutral because it goes with almost everything. Plus, it’s a deeper shade so it can really help to define the eyes. It would go especially well on Asians with darker hair. If you’re afraid it’s too shocking, start first with your nails then upgrade to eye liner or shadow. But remember, when using a stronger shade leave your complexion looking fresh.”

Makeup faux pas  “A lot of people tend to over apply now because they want to look good in photographs or on Instagram. The don’t realise that in the real world, you can’t put a filter and you can’t control the light so the highlighting and contouring you do because too obvious and look like streaks and lines of colour on your face. Always keep things natural. If you’re using falsies, make sure they are just slight longer than your natural lashes. For bronzers, just go one shade tanner than your natural complexion.”

Travel must-have “I don’t like to carry too many products so I just bring the Skin Inc Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask. It can be washed off or left on, so I use it like a moisturiser. It’s very moisturising but doesn’t feel heavy. Great for anti-ageing as well.”

Blusher tips  “Just a tinge can make you look more lively. If you have yellow undertones, go for coral. Fair skin works best with pinks, while darker complexions should use berry shades.”

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