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Lipstick Lovers, Look Forward To The Limited Edition Chanel Rouge Allure Camelia Line

If you consider yourself a lipstick hoarder, you're going to want Chanel's limited-edition Rouge Allure Camelia Line in your collection.

Come Jan 3, here’s a limited-edition drop from Chanel Beauty that beauty aficionados can anticipate. This exclusive drop is one that we’re looking forward to simply because it marries a few icons of the house for lippie products that are one for the books.

For this one-of-its-kind collection, Chanel borrows one of the House’s most emblematic of symbols – the Camellia flower – to lend its touch to the iconic Rouge Allure and Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks. As Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, the camellia motif can be seen fashioned onto the brand’s packaging, bags, clothing, jewellery, shoes and even fine jewellery. This icon is now being emblazoned onto the sophisticated golden cap of the lipstick tubes. Inside, the collection sees of a palette of 8 different shades that range from white to purple hues – and everything in between – at $54 each.

And because a perfect, perky pout would not be complete without a lip liner, each lip shade in the collection comes with an accompanying Le Crayon Levres lip liner that’s made to complement its matching lip colour. The new formula has been revised to be one that sits even more comfortably on the lips while delivering much more striking colours. These lip pencils dispense in a satiny texture that’s said to last for up to eight hours. Scroll through the gallery above for the dream lip duos that will be coming your way soon.

Rouge Allure in #327 Camelia Blanc
Le Crayon Levres in #152 Clear
Rouge Allure in #337 Camelia Rose
Le Crayon Levres in #196 Poudre
Rouge Allure Velvet in #347 Camelia Fuchsia
Le Crayon Levres in #182 Rose Framboise
Rouge Allure Velvet in #357 Camelia Rouge
Le Crayon Levres in #174 Rouge Tendre
Rouge Allure in #607 Camelia Rouge Metal
Le Crayon Levres in #178 Rouge Cerise
Rouge Allure Velvet in #617 Camelia Grenat
Le Crayon Levres in #186 Berry
Rouge Allure Velvet in #627 Camelia Carmin
Le Crayon Levres in #184 Rouge Intense
Rouge Allure in #637 Camelia Pourpre
Le Crayon Levres in #192 Prune Noire