It is hard to look like our skin is glowing all the time – especially with stress, a poor diet and the unpredictable weather on our shores. Chanel’s new Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops, however, might just help you fake it til you make it.

Chanel liquid highlighter
Chanel Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops, $85

Expect a hint of pearly pink, complete with a radiant highlight from these lightweight drops. A great way to lift your features with this product? Lightly dab on the high points of your face – from the cheeks, nose to even your cupids bow. This ultra-portable product is also great for those days where you need quick freshening up. While the pink undertones will have you looking fresh (pink does signify good health after all) the product also delivers ample shine without being over the top. Its soft and satin finish (thanks to a hydrating blend of Ume flower oil) also promises long lasting comfort that doesn’t dehydrate the skin.

For those looking to add more to your make up stash, La Fleur Et L’Eau, Chanel’s new makeup collection, will hit the stores alongside the Le Blanc Rosy Light Drops on March 6. You can expect a line-up of lip palettes, lip gloss, lipsticks, blush, eyeshadow and nail polish – all perfect for that summer holiday make up selection.